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PA-Sen: Toomey Receives $5,400 from Jeb Bush

Bush-ToomeyRaising money is the hardest, most tedious task for politicians. So it always helps when a colleague or fellow party member can kick in some cash.

At least that’s what former Florida Governor and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush is hopping.

Bush (son of the the 41st President, older brother to the 43rd) donated $117,800 to Republican Senators and Congressmen throughout the nation.

Among the recipients of Jeb’s cash was Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who got the maximum $5,400.

The idea is that Bush’s generousness will be hopefully be remembered in a few months when the 2016 presidential primaries start to heat up and politicians start to endorse their favorites.

PoliticsPA reached out to the Toomey campaign but did not receive a response.

If we dig a little deeper, you can see there is a much larger strategy to Jeb’s donations. For instance, all of his contributions went to congressional incumbents with the exception of Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie, who served in George W. Bush’s Administration.

Meanwhile, Bush’s biggest competitor at the moment is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Also, New Jersey Governor and potential candidate Chris Christie was the 2014 Chair of the RGA.

So it makes sense for Bush to try to consolidate as much support in the congressional ranks as he possibly can.

The Toomey-Bush relationship is worth keeping an eye on in 2015.

8 Responses

  1. Tens of millions have been supporting Rand Paul for several years because he has a proven record of Truly progressive Conservative behavior.
    Bushes are moderate Republicans at best.
    Cruz is a fake right-winger who has a moderate record of caving to the notions of the left.

  2. Reasonable Rep, all you’ve done is highlight the fact that we are edging closer to a third party that splits off from the Republicans because the best the establishment of the GOP can do is be Democrat-lite. We’re $18 trillion in the hole, we pay more in taxes than we spend on food, clothing and shelter combined, and people like you are insistent on continually pouring cold water on Republicans for whom the party’s platform actually means something, as opposed to career politicians and their lackeys won run the party apparatus, who’s sole appeal of “Democrats are worse!” rings hollower and hollower with each election. When the current market bubble bursts (and makes the tech and housing bubble crashes look minor by comparison) that might be the moment the grand epiphany happens.

  3. In 2006, Santorum lost the Independent vote by a 72-28 margin. In 2000, he won that demographic, 55-41. But yeah, Guzzardi, I’m sure it was the Specter endorsement that did him in. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    This absolute rule trumpeted by Tea Party types – the more conservative the candidate, the better his chance of winning, regardless of circumstance – is not only incorrect and bad for the Party, but also intellectually dishonest.

    Case in point, Guzzardi supports Cruz and attempts to evidence that Pennsylvanians want “real change” and a “fighter” (i.e., not insufficiently conservative Jeb Bush) by citing a poll in which Rand Paul tops Hillary. If that’s true, then answer this, Guzzardi – of the 9 Republicans polled against Hillary, why did you boy Cruz fare by far the worst? Is he not a fighter? Is he Obama-lite?

    And no, “the base” did not “stay home” in protest of Romney’s nomination. (

    And before you resort to tagging me with the dreaded “mushy middle” label, I supported Toomey in 2004 and do not support Bush in 2016.

  4. Rick Santorum actively and aggressively supported the “moderate and independent” Arlen Specter which exposed Rick Santorum as a phony. Personnel is policy.

    It is clear to me that Pennsylvania Republican Establishment supports Jeb Bush but as a recent poll, reported at Politicspa, Pennsylvania voters want change. Jeb Bush is status quo, Obama lite. Note how well the confronational Rand Paul did compared to Mrs. Clinton. Real change seems to be what polls are saying and it is what the people I know want. A fighter for unalienable rights and economic freedom.

  5. Smart move on giving and receiving.

    Would’nt mind seeing a Bush/Toomey ticket in ’16. Its a winning combo.

  6. Toomey is so far right, there is no way Democrats or moderates could vote for him. Mr. club for Growth ( of the oligarchy) will go down in flames once people tune in to his voting record

  7. 1.) Nothing in this article indicates that Toomey is allying with Jeb Bush.

    2.) Blaming Santorum’s failed 2006 re-election bid on him losing his “base” – as opposed to losing Democratic, Independent or Moderates voters – is, to put it mildly, laughable.

  8. Senator Toomey may be making a strategic mistake in allying with the Establishment’s favorite candidate. While he needs Democratic voters, “Independent” and “Moderate” Voters, he needs the base. Former Senator Rick Santorum could tell him what happens when you lose your own base. In my view, his base prefers Ted Cruz (me) or Scott Walker or Rand Paul and only the incompetent hacks running the State Republican Party support Gov. Bush.

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