PA-Sen: Toomey Releases Second Video Poking Fun at Sestak (VIDEO)

Yesterday, a new type of game show was aired- the “Democrat Family Feud.”

In that episode, the animation shows DSCC Chair Jon Tester listing possible alternatives to Sestak. Each suggestion subsequently sounded with a buzzer showing that the Democrats have not been able to persuade them to run against Sestak. These suggestions included Josh Shapiro, Ed Pawlowski, Chris Carney, Vince Hughes, and Katie McGinty.

Today’s episode revolved around reasons why the Democrats won’t support a run by Joe Sestak. In this video, reason after reason is suggested as to why Joe Sestak does not garner enough support from his party.

These answers focused on some of the former Congressman’s gaffes. For example, on July 4th, Sestak ran over a pair of toddlers when he was on a parade route. Sestak was also called out for wrongly quoting the classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Other reasons included violating military ethics and having out-of-touch extremist positions.

While McGinty continues to consider a run, it’s clear the Toomey camp is remaining focused on the retired Admiral for the time being.

2 Responses

  1. Well, kudos to Team Toomey for replacing the buzzer with a bell, as I suggested. (That’s about all the help Toomey’s going to get from me.)

    The last reason “Extremist positions…” is the reason Democrats want to replace Toomey (they just don’t trust Sestak to be able to oust Toomey). It’s incorrect even to imply that the party finds Sestak’s positions “extremists”. It’s his campaign style they don’t like.

    BTW, the timing of this couldn’t be better considering McGinty’s entry in the race. Do you think they can buy/borrow/rent this ad to run against Sestak?

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