PA-Sen: Toomey Responds to McGinty Debate Challenge

Pat-ToomeyPat Toomey’s campaign is answering Katie McGinty’s debate challenge…sort of.

“We certainly support having debates in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but why is Katie McGinty stopping at two?” asked Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong in a statement. “Why is she unwilling to debate in Scranton, Harrisburg, or Erie? Maybe it’s because she can’t defend her liberal pro-tax, weak on national security record. Maybe it’s because she thinks people outside of our two largest cities are ‘misinformed’, as she famously said last April.”

“We look forward to debating in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, at times and venues to be determined, and we urge Katie McGinty to stop insulting the great people who live in the rest of the Commonwealth,” he concluded.

On Friday, the McGinty campaign revealed that they had accepted the invitations of WPVI and KDKA to hold televised debates in Philly and Pittsburgh.

PoliticsPA has reached out to Sen. Toomey’s campaign about whether they’ve accepted these invitations but have not received a definitive response.

13 Responses

  1. Anyone who doesn’t have enough courage to take a stand on the presidential campaign does not deserve my vote

  2. Toomey is experienced and articulate so debates are no problem for him. McGinty just is not as well spoken nor as nuanced. Toomey has run a great campaign so far.

  3. Of course he wants more debates. Have any of you heard her????????? Her DNC speech was a joke, Toomey would crush her!

  4. While it is indicative of Sen. Toomey’s deteriorating situation that he would call for more debates as the incumbent, and though he may be extraordinarily far to the right (particularly for a state like Pennsylvania), it would be foolish in the extreme to underestimate his intelligence and his discipline.

  5. No GOP senator can escape the toxic Trump effect. Many voters will vote straight Dem because the GOP gave us Trump. 34 Senate seats in play, flipping just 5 turns the Senate blue. Do-nothing Toomey is toast, and Bernie Sanders will succeed Mike Enzi as chairman of the powerful Senate Budget Committee.

  6. Toomey will be clobbered in any debate anywhere in the Commonweath. Toomey has spent 51/2 years voting for Wall Street and Special Interests against Senior Citizens,Veterans, and the Middle Class. Maybe Toomey hasn’t paid attention but Sranton and Erie have more average Pennsylvanians living there then Toomey’s Special Interest friends like the Koch Brothers. Also Toomey shows his weakness in this coming election by asking for more than two debates. Usually a confident incumbent does not want to give their opponent anymore public coverage then they have to. Pat Toomey all the Koch Brother’s money is not going to save your sorry political ass on November 8, You will be voted out by an electorate that is sick of you pandering to the rich. I heard the Club For Growth or Wall Street Bank has a job opening on November 8.

  7. Perhaps Toomey should defend his “I’ve been your senator for 5 1/2 years and done NOTHING record”. How stupid is it to propose the idea that because TV stations in Pittsburgh and Philly are the only ones to invite the candidates to debate thus far means McGinty is against the other 65 counties is just being a total douche Pat.

  8. Why would Katie McGinty agree to debates in the two biggest cities and medit markets in the commonwealth? Is it because she’s elitist?

    Toomey is a jackass.

  9. “but why is Katie McGinty stopping at two?”

    Because she’s not behind in the polls like you are. Only a person behind in the polls asks for more debates. Duh.

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