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PA-Sen: Toomey Says McGinty Would Be “Blank Check” for Hillary

It’s 1996 all over again.

That year, it became clear just before the election that President Bill Clinton would easily win re-election over Republican nominee Bob Dole. In order to retain control of Congress, the GOP argued they were needed to keep a check on Pres. Clinton.

In the end, Clinton breezed to a second term but Republicans limited losses in the House and Senate and were able to maintain their majorities.

Republicans are hoping history repeats itself twenty years later as they focus on down-ballot races.

Among them is Senator Pat Toomey, who released a fifteen-second spot making this argument titled “Blank Check”.

“Katie McGinty could not name one thing she opposes Hillary Clinton on,” a male narrator begins.

“With McGinty, it’s a blank check for everything Hillary wants,” a female narrator adds.

“Pat Toomey will fight Clinton’s liberal agenda,” the male narrator concludes.

12 Responses

  1. Actually, we are HOPING that McGinty will be a blank check for Clinton.

    And, really “Toomey Campaign”, Hillary is up in the polls even higher than McGinty, so tying McGinty to Hillary doesn’t help you.

    Advice to the McGinty campaign:
    Call Pat Toomey’s Campaign and offer them money to run that ad more often.

  2. Another campaign ad refers derisively to McGinty as a “millionaire” and a “lobbyist” against environmental regulations. When did being a “millionaire” and a “lobbyist” against environmental regulations become a bad thing for the Rs?

  3. It’s pretty “blank” of Toomey to refuse to do his job and hold hearings for a Supreme Court nominee.

  4. Toomey is a FRAUD. He stands against what the majority of Pennsylvanians stand for. His last election to the US Senate was a FLOOK. The D’s had the worst possible candidate and yet he only beat him by the slimmest of margins while the other R’s were beating the D’s by double digits.

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