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PA-Sen: Toomey, Sestak Slam McGinty’s Silence on Iran

U.S.-IranSenator Pat Toomey and former Rep. Joe Sestak may disagree on Pres. Obama’s proposed Iran deal, but they agree on one thing: Katie McGinty needs to take a stance.

An analysis by POLITICO predicts that the Iran deal will be a major point of contention between Senatorial hopefuls in the 2016 races, especially in the Keystone State. Toomey has been one of the deal’s most vocal critics, while Sestak emerged as an unexpected early supporter. McGinty, the former Wolf staffer who is running against Sestak for the Democratic nomination, has yet to take a position.

Toomey, Sestak, and others are calling McGinty out for her indecision. Sestak said that it’s inexcusable for any Senate candidate not to have taken a stance.

“Read the agreement,” he said. “Those who are running for an office that has anything to do with this [nuclear agreement] should have a position on this by now.”

McGinty’s campaign declined to directly engage with Sestak’s criticisms.

“On this critical issue, Katie, like [Democratic] Sen. [Bob] Casey and others, is carefully assessing the impact of the proposed agreement on the nation’s security. While some Republicans are using this issue to score political points, Democrats need to remain focused on the facts and what is best for the country,” said McGinty campaign manager Mike Mikus.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is singling out Democratic candidates who are undecided on the issue. According to POLITICO, McGinty is one of four Democratic hopefuls who are on their “hit list,” along with Rep. Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada and Gov. Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.

“Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is a defining national security issue. Any serious candidate running for office should have to answer if they support this nuclear deal that threatens our national security,” said NRSC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek.

Senate Democrats have been steadily emerging in support of the deal. A source told POLITICO that national Democrats are providing Senate candidates with information about the deal but are not leaning on them to back it.

20 Responses

  1. David D- a bit of history–JFK , RFK, LBJ ; Truman ; Henry Jackson and Hubert Humphrey represented the best of the Democratic Party and our Nation. So sad that the left wing scum of the present Democratic Party like Obama, Kerry , Clinton and the rest of their ilk- betray our Country and allies like Israel. Hopefully the Republicans will give a decent alternative in 2016 so we can move on from crap and incompetents like Obama. When using the word traitor perhaps more appropriate to Obama and the long term harm he has caused our Nation- he goes well beyond Bibi.

  2. There he goes again- David D”- I wasn’t asleep- I’m a democrat who took a chance on Reagan – and wasn’t disappointed.
    He was respected – not viewed as a joke by the rest of the world like Obama. If we had
    A justice department that had integrity which with Eric Holdef was not possible- Learner, Clinton and a bunch of others would have been indicted. The arrogance and dishonesty of this Administration is clear to anyone the least bit objective with a Brain and eyes- I may not like a Reagan or Trump like candidate but they beat that anti Semite , race baiter named Obama!

  3. Barack Obama’s Iran agreement betrays two US middle east allies: Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  4. It is interesting that both Bernie Sanders, the socialist, and Ted Cruz, the Christian Constitutionalist, as well as Donald “I am so rich I can’t be bought” Trump attack corporate cronies and K-Street lobbyists and, in my opinion, with good reason. Both the support that Bernie Sanders has received and the support that Donald Trump has received are tapping into the dissatisfaction of the working middle class and one would think that the Democrats could come up with a more Sanders-like candidate and yet….not what I expected but, perhaps, after the Kane debacle (nominating a non-politician whose power flummoxed her), the Ds want a more Clinton-like candidate.

    Revolving-door drug lobbyist enters Pa. Senate race
    By TIMOTHY P. CARNEY • 8/12/15 Washington Examiner

    McGinty, as you would expect of a former enviro policy appointee, is also a former industry lobbyist. In 2000, she lobbied the Clinton EPA on behalf of drugmaker Glaxo Wellcome. Glaxo made CFC-powered inhalers, and was lobbying on the EPA on its regulations controlling CFCs, according to a lobbying filing.

  5. JPaul-

    “we have never had a more corrupt President nor one less competent”

    You must have been asleep for the Reagan years. I’m pretty sure his administration holds the record for most indicted members. Iran-Contra was such a blast. Reagan senility was pretty clear in his second term.

  6. One of the posters is way off mark. Sestak is far more qualified than his primary opponent.. McGinty is a left wing ideologue devoid of any significant accomplishment. Sestak deserves support from those who recognize just how corrupt the politicians are here in PA. Better Joe than a political pimp for the bosses who do not move us forward. As for Obama – we have never had a more corrupt President nor one less competent. Nixon and Carter look good in comparison. He would divide our Nation- not unite i tThe Iran deal stinks-,it is a reckless and cowardly deal that undercuts our Nations interest by capitulating to the thugs in Tehran who have killed thousands of our troops with weapons they supply. I am no fan of AIPAc but better them than garbage like Kerry and J Street -,who would have supported the Munich betrayal.

  7. Observer #2-

    Sestak’s primary residence in a home in Alexandria, VA that he and his wife have owned and lived in since 1998.

    In 2006, Sestak moved his Delco voter registration from his parents’ address to a temporary apartment. His wife registered at that same address (first time she registered in PA). She voted from that address for the 2006 Primary and general.

    Around Jan 2007, the Sestaks purchased a house in Edgmont, PA. The value of the house is roughly half that of their Virginia home. Joe changed his registration to that new PA address. His wife dropped her PA registration, and never re-registered nor voted in PA since.

    They have maintained their VA home, and even got a building permit in Oct 2010 from the city of Alexandria for an extension on that house. (Presumably Sestak was anticipating a home-office for his Senate work.)

    To the best of my knowledge, his wife has maintained her job in the Alexandria area and their daughter goes to school down there, and not in PA. I’ve heard that the wife is registered to vote in VA, but I’ve not seen the VA voter files myself. I suspect her driver’s license is issued by VA as well.

    From the description given to me by a former Sestak staffer, the PA home is little more than a storage facility and ad hoc campaign headquarters that is “off the books”. (meaning the campaign is using it in place primarily as an office but the money used to maintain the property is not on FEC expense reports).

    The garage and basement are filled floor to ceiling with signs, literature, computers, printers and other office equipment from his failed 2010 senate bid. It’s not a home by any stretch, but rather a HQ with a bed for him to crash in when he’s in PA.

    Chet royer-

    AIPAC is very influential in the Jewish community and among donors, as well as feeding their point of view to media outlets. AIPAC tries to portray anyone who disagrees with the official Israeli hardline position as anti-Semitic or not a true friend of Israel. However, pro-Israel groups like J-Street (and many members of the Israel military and intelligence apparatus) support the Iran deal and disagree with Netanyahu’s hawkish approach.

  8. McGinty doesn’t have an position yet because she still hasn’t found Iran on a map. She’d much rather just stick with the “it’s time for a woman” campaign strategy.

  9. So how much does aipac contribute? The answer is nothing. And are we to assume that the senators who support Obama and the president are being influenced by Iranian interests? In the end, Casey and McGinty have to state their positions based on what is best for the security of America and I truly doubt outside pressure is what does the trick in this one. Unlike the oversized influence of the ufcw on liquor and the teachers on pensions?

  10. Observer-

    I agree that AIPAC is out of control and exerting disproportionate influence. But, J-Street is coming on strong and gaining influence to counter AIPAC with sensible pro-Jewish positions.

  11. Sestak’s been on team Toomey since their debate before the 2010 primary (even if Sestak doesn’t realize it).

    However, Toomey should not count on Sestak’s vote in Nov 2016 after McGinty wins the primary. This is because Sestak will have sold is PA house by then and be back in Virginia.

    The McGinty campaign should come out in support of the deal. Opposing the deal doesn’t help them against Sestak, and supporting it neutralizes it as a risk/issue in the primary.

    They do make a good point that it’s wrong for Sestak to criticize McGinty when he isn’t criticizing Casey (who has had more access and briefings on the deal than either McGinty or Sestak).

    Does Joe think it’s “inexcusable” that Casey hasn’t taken a stance yet?

  12. Just like to point out that the NRSC is nuts. Thinking they can attack military hero Duckworth in Illinois – Obama’s home state! – on any issue of national security is just laughable. That said, McGinty is as cowardly as Casey. You either back the deal and scrutinize its implementation, or you give Iran, with Russia’s help, the Bomb. All the rest is just kowtowing to AIPAC money.

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