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PA-Sen: Toomey Speaks Up Against Pres. Obama’s Weapons Ban

Official PortraitIn an effort to combat unrest and encourage trust-building between police and the communities they serve, President Obama issued an executive order Monday that banned transferring military-grade weapons to local police departments.

Senator Pat Toomey voice this opposition to this action in a letter sent to the White House.

In this letter, Toomey explains that this makes “insulting assumptions about police.”

“I am deeply concerned [that the task force] has bought into a false narrative about law enforcement-one that paints America’s police officers as the cause of unrest and violence, as opposed to the brave defense against it,” writes Toomey.

He continues, “We in the federal government should be supporting (police), not hindering them with undue red tape.”

This action echoes a pro-police speech Toomey gave on the Senate floor about two weeks ago.

Additionally, the Senator and the state’s police unions teamed up with them last year to successfully torpedo a Justice Department nominee.

The White House responded to Toomey’s letter, saying the Senator’s message may “alienate and intimidate local residents and send the wrong message.”

5 Responses

  1. The ultimate panderer. Let’s not forget about Toomey and other Tea Party Senators who penned a letter to their House Tea Party members to torpedo the debt legislation that ultimately caused a lowering of the U.S. debt rating among other things. He’s a fraud and is using recent civil unrest to pander to the police and those that support police. By the way I support police for the right reasons not a political one.

  2. Thank you Senator Toomey for your support of the police. How many officers have died since the riots fomented by paid protesters and thugs?

  3. Grenade launchers and tanks for local police makes total sense…if you’r goal is enriching arms is not germane to actual policing!!

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