PA-Sen: Toomey Still Stuck Talking About Trump

ToomeyAfter yesterday, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is probably exhausted.

All day timeafter timeafter time, Toomey has had to battle reporters asking him about Trump’s incendiary comments concerning a federal judge presiding over Trump University’s court case.

For a little context, Trump University was a for-profit institution that offered courses in real estate and other business ventures. There are now several lawsuits against the now defunct organization for illegal business practices.

Donald Trump has declared that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a federal judge overseeing one of the lawsuits, had “an absolute conflict” in presiding over the litigation given that he was “of Mexican heritage.”

On Monday, Toomey was clear he had already had enough of dealing with the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee. He called Trump’s remarks “deeply offensive, it’s ridiculous, it’s outrageous.”

The Senator did, however, express the hope that Trump “can say and do the things that will make me comfortable supporting him.”

On Tuesday afternoon, after it became clear the furor had not died down, Sen. Toomey was considerably more frustrated.

“Well, we’ve spent how much time now talking about the issues that have nothing to do with the work that I’ve done in the Senate, what I’m trying to accomplish in the Senate?” an exasperated Toomey said. “The idea that a person’s ethnicity tells you something about how they’re going to judge cases is just completely wrong. It’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, the McGinty campaign sought to preempt the Senator’s efforts to distance himself from Trump.

“Let’s get this straight: Pat Toomey is still standing with Donald Trump even after the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s ‘textbook definition of a racist comment’ from this weekend. His press conference today was a shameful attempt to mislead Pennsylvania voters into thinking that he has taken a principled stand against Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric,” McGinty Campaign Spokesman Josh Levitt stated. “But here’s reality: for many months, Toomey has stayed silent as Trump has attacked everyone from women and immigrants to prisoners of war, affirming and re-affirming his commitment to support the GOP presidential nominee – even Trump – along the way. Toomey has not denounced Trump’s candidacy outright,  and will continue to be accountable for the disgusting, divisive message his party’s standard-bearer is sending to Pennsylvania voters.”

12 Responses

  1. Senator Toomeyhas made it perfectly clear, he chooses party over country. Makes my choice easy, I choose someone else this next election to work for us rather than someone who is in lock step with this do nothing Republican Party. If Katie does her job poorly, out she goes too. Toomey had his chance to show some integrity and he blew it. Couldn’t even work for his constituents to give the Supreme Court nominee a vote. The vote could have been a NO, but at least it would have been a vote. He got right in line with all the other obstructionists, so IMHO, bye bye Pat!

  2. The Globalist owned politicians don’t get to define racism. The activist judge is an strong advocate for Illegal immigrants. That is reason enough to question his bias. THAT IS NOT RACIST. That is the misdirection they use. The real reason they hate Trump is because he is a Nationalist, not a Globalist, but they can’t say that and so they spin it that he is a racist, which sounds so much more acceptable to dehumanize him. It’s very simple. This lifelong Republican will vote for the Democratic candidate for senate if Pat Toomey decides to ignore the will of the American people who chose Donald Trump as their candidate and does not endorse him.

  3. Will McGinty have any ads that don’t feature Trump quotes and Toomey?

  4. When it comes to building hate and dividing our Nation- along with corruptness – all take a second place to Obama- more corrupt than Nixon more incompetent than Carter. Hiliary is a close second on corruption and Trump is off the charts you don’t know where to begin. The problem for GOP isn’t Trump- it’s years of ineptitude and false promises. The Republican establishment and folks like Toomey leave people little choice but to hold your nose and vote for Hiliary and shady Katie. Whatever their faults they will do more for most Americans. Whatever his faults and they are numerous – Obama did more than Bush for most Americans.

  5. Toomey should probably join Lindsay Graham in un-endorsing Trump, but then he risks losing the nutjobs in Marino and Barletta’s districts… what to do, what to do…

  6. Toomey and the GOP deserve every headache Trump hands them, since Trump is an inevitable result of years of GOP hatred. No amount of handwringing by friendly GOP media can change the facts.

  7. It’s interesting the national Delocratic leaders are not seizing on Trumos comments to demand a bit on Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Republican’s refuse to give the nomination a vote arguing that the next POTUS should make the pick. Can you imagine Prwsident Trump’s vetting process???

  8. I believe incumbents must run on their voting record while in office. Pat Toomey has a terrible record of supporting average Americans. His money from his special interests friends like the Koch Brothers has in the past provided political cover for Toomey by adds that are smoke and mirror distraction lies. Trump has placed Toomey in a real life problem. How to call Trump basically a racist and still support Trump for President. I don’t believe there is a Smoke and Mirror Machine out there to help Toomey. Voters will make Pat Toomey a one term Senator this November. The Trump problem just makes voters fact check Toomey’s Senate record. Unless they are billionaires or millionaires they won’t like it. Vote Blue !

  9. You gotta love it. Here is one of the Senate’s greatest hypocrit boxed in by his party’s nominee and he can’t handle it. What poetic justice.

  10. Does Toomey realize that approving federal judges is part of the work he’s supposed to be doing in the Senate?

    He doesn’t even want to have hearings on a qualified supreme court judge nominated by a black president.

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