PA-Sen: Toomey Strikes Out at Sestak, McGinty

Pat-Toomey‘Tis the season for mudslinging.

With the race for PA’s junior Senate seat truly underway, incumbent Pat Toomey has created a new website,, attacking the records of two of his Democratic challengers.

Toomey’s site slams “Corporate Katie McGinty” for taking advantage of the system by making millions of dollars working in the private energy sector and working for a “notorious” D.C. law firm, labeling her a “public self servant.”

“Few have navigated the money-making ‘revolving door’ between government and government-dependent companies like Katie McGinty,” the site reads. “Katie McGinty has a shocking record of cashing in on her government work while ignoring taxpayers’ interests.”

McGinty’s positions “have been rejected by most Pennsylvanians,” the site says, including increasing taxes and government spending, supporting the Iran nuclear deal and “subverting state law on capital punishment.”

McGinty was Gov. Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff in February when he instituted a moratorium on the death penalty.

The Toomey camp is also running with “Joe Saystax,” creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for the former U.S. Congressman. Joe Saystax resides in Fantasy Island according to his Twitter bio.

The site calls Sestak an “extreme liberal Democrat” – a cheerleader for for the $787 billion bailout and one of Nancy’s Pelosi’s “most trusted partners” in the U.S. House.

“As a congressman, Sestak sought more government healthcare than Obamacare, wanted the failed stimulus to be even bigger and complained that the cap and trade energy tax didn’t go far enough – even though he voted for all of them,” the site reads.

John Fetterman, the third Democrat running for Toomey’s seat, took his omission from Toomey’s site in stride.

“I’d just like to thank Pat Toomey for his endorsement,” Fetterman’s campaign told Jonathan Tamari.

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18 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Toomey Strikes Out at Sestak, McGinty”

  1. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    To Rand Paul:
    I’d like to see Fetterman raise some issues. Need to know if he is progressive or Blue Dog, for example. Is he for Medicare for All (single payer), against TPP, against privatizing Social Security or turning it into a 2-tier system, does he favor eliminating the “cap” on income subject to the Social Security tax, is he pro-choice, is he a hawk or dove, does he favor spending an outlandish 10x more on “defense” than China or Russia spends, duh, duh, duh. We all know the progressive positions by now, so does he? We have already agreed that Sestak is not terribly liberal. As for McGinty, do I believe anything she says on policy— Not so much!

  2. David Diano says:

    McGinty’s revolving door to $$

    You have conflated the fantasy of Sestak being his own man, with the reality of Sestak being an egomaniac interested only in himself.

    This is the least novel thing in politics you will ever find.

    Talk to his former staffers. It’s ALL about Joe.

    It’s the people at every level who have worked with Sestak who figured out how insane and untrustworthy he is.

  3. Randy Paul says:

    “McGinty’s revolving door to $$” sounds like a Sestak staffer playing dirty. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    But in an ideal world, I’d probably vote for Fetterman of the three dems. Katie has an “establishment” problem while Sestak looks like a crazy person running for senate for the past 7 years. And he has a certain fakeness when he speaks, which for some reason bothers me. Fetterman though seems genuine of the three. I just hope he raises enough money.

  4. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    Clarification: It is the new ruling elders–the coup faction–that does not support Sestak. Insiders like control, therefore, Sestak is not their cup of tea.

  5. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    Grassroots Dems support Sestak. It is the new “ruling elders” that just took over the state Dem Party in what I have heard and discovered was a “coup.” The coup leaders don’t care if you are liberal or Blue Dog—they just care about “owning” their favorite candidate and controlling the party apparatus. Sestak will never comply with these insiders. Joe is his own man–something novel in politics these days!! The coup leaders also know they don’t have enough votes among the “commoners”(the rank and file) in state party to get McGinty the nomination. Should be an interesting meeting in January, from what I can gather.

  6. HaHaHa says:

    Toomey is out. it’s just a matter of who beats him. McGinty will have a better shot with Hillary on the ticket.

  7. David Diano says:

    Dick Miller-

    It’s not “the ruling elders” who say Sestak isn’t liberal enough. It’s the grassroots progressives in the state (including many who were fooled into working for him in the past, only to discover later what a fraud he was).

    The “rulers” don’t like Sestak because he is an uncooperative and selfish pr*ck who won’t work with the party and down-ticket candidates. Because Sestak doesn’t respect any other candidates or campaigns (he thinks they are all weak/lazy compared to him), he won’t share or pool resources. Sestak is a fake Dem, but he thinks he’s better than all the real Dems who have fought for Dem causes, and thinks they are all losers.

    And, Sestak is psychologically unstable with sudden and random bursts of fury at his subordinates (who he treats like sh*t).

    He won’t hire nor take advice from experienced campaign professionals. He micro-manages his campaigns with a bunker-style mentality of loyalists that barely extends outside of his own siblings.

    Sestak is a hard worker, but he works twice as hard because he’s three times as inefficient.

  8. Lee says:

    If there ever was a Special Interest flunky Toomey definitely has the resume. Club for Growth, Heritage Fund, Gas/Oil, and the Koch Brothers all in his political dna. He constantly votes for the 1% against the hard working middle class . Toomey constantly talks about veterans not being supported in town hall and veterans meetings. Toomey has voted against every veterans aid bill that has came for a vote since he has been in the Senate. Toomey has no honor. Don’t tell people in public that you are helping them when you constantly vote against their interests. Calling out McGinty is totally hypocritical on his part.
    Sounds to me like Toomey is feeling the heat of his duplicity to the public for the last 5 years. Make Toomey a one term Senator.

  9. Dick Miller says:

    I am confused. The ruling elders of the Democratic Party think Admiral Sestak is not liberal enough to run under their banner and Sen. Toomey says he is too liberal.

    For the times we are in, no one is more suitable to serve in the Senate than Admiral Sestak because of his experience and knowledge of defense and foreign affairs.

  10. HaHaHa says:

    But Pat is correct, Lou. He is soon to be “One-Term-Patty.” And Hillary will soon be your POTUS.

    Get ready!!!

  11. Lou says:

    PU….great comment…not…

  12. David Diano says:


    The GOP has resisted efforts to raise taxes on the rich, and subscribes (especially Toomey) to the voodoo economics of trickle down.

    And the historical low taxes on the rich are the result of republican efforts.

    They won’t raise the minimum wage.

    Obama got the stimulus through which saved the economy from collapse.

    As for “anemic”, last year Obama passed the economic threshold Romney set as a goal for next year.

    The economic recovery needed a bit more stimulus, but is held back by GOP efforts to underfund research, investment, education, job training programs, infrastructure improvements, etc.

  13. Stalwart says:

    DD – exactly which parts of the “right-wing agenda” are current policy and holding us back? This is Obama’s wholly-owned anemic economy.

  14. McGinty's revolving door to $$ says:

    Toomey’s site nailed McGinty on her achilles heel—her revolving door to riches using her connections to government and corporations. Her activities bring into question her ethics and her honesty.

    As for Sestak, relative to Toomey’s extreme rightist positions, yes, Sestak would be a liberal, but, as David Diano says, Sestak is barely liberal, let alone an “extreme liberal.”

  15. PhillyPolitico says:

    McGinty cashed in on the revolving door? Toomey was in the House, cashed out and went to the Club for Growth, and then used that to run for Senate? Toomey literally is the revolving door.

  16. HaHaHa says:

    DD – did you see this:

    “Cruz said he believes Democrats are soft on crime because an overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

  17. David Diano says:

    Who is Worst: Pat Toomey

    Hands down. Toomey is a slave (or cheerleader) to the right wing agenda that has been holding the economy back and increasing inequality with failed “trickle-down” regressive tax policies and refusal to support fair minimum/living wages.

    BTW, Pat:
    Sestak is barely a liberal, let alone an “extreme liberal”.

  18. Pat Unger says:

    Toomey is a TEA-guzzling scum-bag. Soon to be One-Term-Patty !!

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