PA-Sen: Toomey Takes Part in Gun Violence Filibuster (VIDEO)

Earlier today, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy started a filibuster on the Senate floor on the subject of gun violence.

Murphy has been perhaps the most passionate gun safety advocate since the Sandy Hook shooting occurred in his home state in 2012.

Over the past few hours, Sen. Murphy has been joined by a number of his colleagues including Pat Toomey.

Pennsylvania’s junior Senator has been one of the few Republican members to advocate in favor of gun safety measures.

“I’m of the view that it’s time to get something done here,” Toomey began. “We’ve done a lot of talking.”

Sen. Toomey used his time to explain why he voted against a bill earlier this year that would’ve prevented those on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun, as the McGinty campaign has been critical of that vote recently. The Senator asserted that he was concerned that the previous legislation made it too difficult for someone put on the list in error to be allowed to purchase a gun.

“What I’m suggesting is let’s get to work here,” he stated. “Let’s sit down together and figure out how we can achieve this. This is not rocket science to figure this out.”

Senator Casey spoke on the floor as well as later on.

23 Responses

  1. Toomey made a brief and concise statement encouraging a bipartisan approach to an issue of profound importance. Meanwhile, McGinty didn’t come out of the primary win all that well by stumbling over the silly “First one in college” claim and is now down in the polls to Toomey. To date-an interesting race to follow.

  2. everyone involved lost all of my support. And talking for that long just to get people to agree with you is pretty pathetic.

  3. Suggesting Toomey talks out of both sides of mouth is misleading- it would suggest he has core values. Toomey is what’s wrong with Republicans- stands for nothing- lies about positions and presents no alternative to democrat. Trump isn’t the issue- garbage like McConnel and Toomey are the issue- lets retire Toomey, Costello, Meehan, Dent and the other local refuse in November,

  4. Thank you Senators Casey, Manchin, Murphy & others who filibustered. Even a grudging thanks to Sen. Toomey. It is time to end the circus in Congress and get this done!

  5. we already have sensible gun laws but only good people follow them the bad dont care about laws, wake the hell up people, these people are animals hang them in a pig skin and be done with it.Im still waiting for the bill to outlaw pressure cookers.


  6. doesnt matter,all your gun bills do nothing, bad people still get guns no matter what, the government knows this.the gun did not kill those people in Florida some not job from the middle east did,just keep letting them in. why dont you pass a bill to keep them out.All these bills are laws the people who follow them are GOOD Americans already.Heres a way to stop all this, if you kill one or more people, we wrap you in a pig skin and hang the point now that should send a message to these animals.Guns are not the problem.Im still waiting for the bill to outlaw pressure cookers.


  7. Thank you Senators Toomey and Casey. I very much appreciate your leadership on this and it makes me proud to be a Pennsylvanian!

  8. I’m no fan of Toomey, but I will point out that the ACLU has the same concerns about the lack of Due Process rights for those who are put on the No Fly list. That should be a part of this discussion – people on the list should be flagged in NICS but there should also be an unambiguous method of appealing your placement on the list.

  9. No, no, Pat Unger…Toomey is not talking out of both sides of his mouth. He’s talking out of his other orifice. It’s fun watching this do-nothing squirm. Counting the days until he’s gone.

  10. One cannot legally purchase any type of firearm without a check. Criminals will still obtain guns on the black market regardless of any laws.

    What we need is tough, mandatory, sentences for anyone using a gun while committing a crime.


  11. It’s really sad that the same people that say Toomey isn’t doing his job and is a do-nothing Senator are the same people who are here saying “this is all talk and no action.” The Senator is introducing a bill to close the terrorist gap! That is the very definition of doing something! I am a Democrat and I applaud the Senator for his efforts, he just earned my vote.

  12. This whole effort is to destroy one of the foundations of our nation; Innocent UNTIL proven guilty. So some faceless and nameless bureaucrat puts me on a list denying me a constitutional right and my rights are gone until I ‘prove’ my innocence taking god knows how much time and money? Due process doesn’t exist under the plans I have seen and neither is there a sunset provision for these measures! At least in WW II we ended up leaving the Japs (American citizens) go! With this we will be stuck with this for the foreseeable future!

    It is important to consider what it takes to actually buy a firearm and all the databases that are checked and THEN to consider the fallacy of the checks, and these lists, actually working!

    Consider this; IF the Orlando killer was placed on this list what would have been different? He was an American, born to foreign parents, and working for a private security company with a Class D and Class G Florida special security license, so how was he going to get on that list? This security company he worked for was retained by the Dept. of Homeland Security. With all those checks this guy would have been approved or been eligible to be removed. He was able to fool two serious and lengthy investigations by the FBI AND all the firearm background checks and all the security checks making it unlikely, at best, he would’ve been stopped by this process.


    The criteria for being on the list is so LOW and the standard to be removed so HIGH that it would ensnare and deny virtually anyone! This is the critical points of the function and intent and inevitable failure of the proposed system. See below:

    What this whole effort, on these lists, is ignoring is that we cannot build a fence (lists, background checks, gun laws, etc.) high enough to stop people bent on destruction and death. Paris and Belgium should have proved that point with their laws! The ONLY thing, and you know this, that stops a bad man is a resolute man staring him in the eye and saying “NOT today bucko” and being willing to do what is necessary.

    This whole effort in DC is to build a police state that begins at dysfunction and will force us ALL into a state of perpetual misery that George Orwell would have been proud of!

  13. Toomey thinks he can successfully talk out of both sides of his mouth. He is exactly what we don’t want in a Senator.

  14. Toomey cannot win either way. He should just quit and go back to Wall Street.

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