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PA-Sen: Toomey Takes the Offensive Against McGinty in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

The general election has officially begun.

Just three days after Katie McGinty won the Senate Democratic nomination, Pat Toomey is up with a TV ad attacking her.

“In state government, Katie McGinty helped steer millions of tax dollars to benefit corporations,” the narrator begins. “Those corporations later hired her. Some closed their plants, killing Pennsylvania jobs. But McGinty? She still got paid.”

“This outrageous scam is known as the revolving door, and McGinty is ranked as Pennsylvania’s top abuser,” the narrator continues as the commercial shows McGinty walking through an actual revolving door. “Katie McGinty makes government work for her, not for us.”

The thirty-second spot, titled “Door, is especially clever because it uses a line of attack (using government service to benefit oneself at the expense of others) that Democrats frequently employ against Republicans.

This commercial was released the same day as a similar anti-Toomey ad from AFSCME hit the airwaves.

The general election will take place on November 8th.

18 Responses

  1. Long Walk Back to Virginia-

    McGinty defeated the Dwarf and the Giant.

    Now, she has to beat the Troll guarding the bridge to Wall Street.

  2. Same Old Same Old,
    Could you possibly be more of a sore loser? Sestak got his clock cleaned, and you are so desperate to denounce the person who did it that you praise Toomey’s political talents? The man has showed a penchant for simultaneously being a boring politician that excites no one, while saying the stupidest thing possible.

    He will have a ton of money to back him up, that is for sure. But while running unopposed in primary season he still managed to get denounced by pro gun groups and anti gun groups, and acknowledged that he is only opposing Garland for political reasons and not his qualifications. He is a horrible politician propped up by wall street. Thank god we have someone who can still raise a lot of money and appeal across party lines and who pairs well with Clinton against Trump.

  3. Unsanctioned R-

    It’s funny, because it’s true.

    She stood smiling right next to him on election night, as he made his concession speech, but didn’t vote for him the last 5 times he was on the ballot. LOL

  4. Sestak’s wife didn’t even vote for him. Still funny, David. Still funny.

  5. Jessica Myers-

    Just trying to rehabilitate the remaining lemmings, or put them out of their misery.

    There are a lot fewer Sestak supporters here than before. Makes me wonder how many were just paid staffers.

  6. Toomey is a talented politician to be able to become a US Senator and he will run a well funded campaign that highlights McGinty’s shortcomings, ie, fracking/energy industry. This campaign for US Senate will be a financially costly one for both sides but Toomey has the edge with his funding and political talents.

  7. Diano — Sestak lost. Overwhelmingly. You should be pleased.

    Let it go, man.

  8. Who didn’t see this coming? Democrats are paid losers, would rather lose with a corporate puppet than win without one.

  9. This is only the beginning. Toomey will spend millions defining McGinty on his terms and her resume is so weak, she will be unable to withstand it.

  10. So, this seems like an ad that Katie should be paying to show to pro-corporation republican voters, that currently support Toomey as their pro-corporation shill.

    It’s like Toomey is recruiting his replacement.

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