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PA-Sen: Toomey Talks Immigration in Weekly Republican Address (VIDEO)

In the Weekly Republican Address, Senator Pat Toomey spoke about a bill concerning sanctuaries cities that the U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on next week.

The Senator pointed to an incident in California last summer to emphasize why the legislation was necessary.

“Jim Steinle was walking arm-in-arm with his daughter Kate on a San Francisco pier. Suddenly a gunman opened fire, hitting Kate. She fell in her father’s arms, pleading, ‘help me, Dad,’ as she bled to death,” Toomey stated. “That shooter should never have been on the pier that day. He was an illegal immigrant, who had been previously convicted of seven felonies and deported five times.”

“During an eight-month period last year, sanctuary cities across the country released thousands of illegal immigrants,” Toomey continued. “Eighteen hundred of them were later arrested for criminal acts. These sanctuary policies are dangerous and they undermine enforcement of our immigration laws.”

Toomey asserted that he was not suggesting that all immigrants are criminals, and that he fully “supports immigration reforms that include opportunities for immigrants to come to America legally.”

“Kate Steinle’s murder shed light on the serious public safety risks that happen when sanctuary cities undermine law enforcement. In response, the House of Representatives passed legislation this summer with bipartisan support that would help rein in these policies. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn,” Toomey explained.

With this, he introduced the Stop Sanctuary Policies Act.

“Under this commonsense legislation, sanctuary cities would lose federal funds if they maintain these dangerous policies. We have to take this step in order to get these cities to do the right thing and stop undermining our immigration laws,” Toomey stated. “Our legislation also includes ‘Kate’s Law’, which provides a five-year mandatory minimum sentence for any illegal immigrant who re-enters the U.S after having been convicted of an aggravated felony, or having been twice convicted of illegally re-entering the U.S.”

Toomey concluded with a call for bipartisan support and stated that the Senate will vote on this legislation on Tuesday.

6 Responses

  1. 1. He is not suggesting they are not prosecuting. He is simply “suggesting” this illegal criminal should not be on the streets. And the only reason he is would be because SF is a sanctuary city
    2. Right, because the “real implications” of protecting US citizens (like Kate) from illegal immigrants who have committed crimes already is an atrocity.
    3. And of course the human (illegal immigrant) is not at fault but the gun he used is the problem. And why would anyone want to protect Americans if not for lobbyists forcing them to do so.


  2. Municipalities need to have the ability to develop and use the policies, regulations and laws that work best for them.

  3. Note that Toomey nowhere called for handgun laws. Just longer time in prison for the benefit of CCA. Control of guns would hurt his other contributors (gun manufacturers, gun stores, and the NRA).

  4. But Toomey is GOP and they never think through the real implications and costs of their knee-jerk calls for harsher punishment or build a bigger fence.

  5. There is so much wrong with this. Is he suggesting that the SF police didn’t prosecute this guy because he was an illegal alien, because it sounds like they did prosecute him. With 5 previous deportations, I doubt the guy was “allowed” to come back. I am sorry, but there is a reason sanctuary cities have much higher conviction rates than non sanctuary cities and I can’t believe he is willing to jeopardize convictions, he is supposed to be a prosecutor’s best friend. The bill adding five years to a crime because someone is here illegally clearly is a handout to the corrections lobby-because that’s just 5 more years of paying for a jail cell that we otherwise wouldn’t be paying because the person would’ve been deported at the end of their sentence…what a way to make handouts to your donors seem like a “common sense” bill.

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