PA-Sen: Toomey Turns Against TPP

ToomeyTrade has now become the hot new issue in Pennsylvania’s Senate race.

It began this morning when Senator Toomey wrote an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette declaring that he was now against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Every trade agreement must be studied on its own merits,” he writes. “Some are good, some are bad. I have carefully analyzed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement between America and numerous Asian and Pacific countries.”

“TPP is supposed to give our country the chance to write the rules for global trade, instead of letting China do it,” he continues. “That is a laudable goal, and some of its provisions would open new markets for some of our state’s farmers and other industries. However, having the right goal is not good enough. It also has to be a good deal, and good deals require good negotiations.”

Sen. Toomey proceeds to lay the blame for TPP not being good enough at the feet of the Obama Administration.

“As it now stands, TPP is not a good deal for Pennsylvania,” Sen. Toomey concludes. “I cannot support it.”

The McGinty campaign wasted no time pointing out that Toomey had voted to fast-track the agreement last year and had publicly praised it.

“Pat Toomey has spent his entire career pushing bad trade deals and policies that ship Americans jobs overseas, so nobody is buying this ridiculous flip flop,” McGinty responded. “Bad trade deals like the TPP have real impacts on Pennsylvania families, but for Pat Toomey, this is all a political game. He’s spent decades trading favors with corporations who push these bad trade deals at the expense of American workers, but now that his re-election is at risk, he’s willing to try and fool Pennsylvanians and claim he’s looking out for us. Sorry, Senator Toomey, but we’re not buying it.”

Ironically, Pat Toomey’s path on TPP is incredibly similar to Hillary Clinton’s although McGinty isn’t likely to mention that.

The anti-TPP movement has actually been bipartisan, in that conservatives and liberals both despise it, while moderates are in favor. The rise of Donald Trump and near-rise of Bernie Sanders, however, have frightened most politicians away from it.

21 Responses

  1. What the Senator really meant is , if its good for Pennsylvania I Will not support it, as he has given the residents of PA. the shaft at every turn , the reason it takes (work) to accomplish goals something Toomey is not capable of doing. Could you imagine the Senator having to work every day doing what you do for a living ? He and his family would starve. If it doesn’t include flapping your gums he wont or will not do it

  2. TPP is supposed to give our country the chance to write the rules for global trade, instead of letting China do it,”
    Funny thing is, China is not a part of TPP, so why the fear-mongering?

  3. Be careful! I am not really Fina. I am the pathetic retard troll. I just forgot to switch over to one of my other screen-names.

  4. Yeah, Isaac, because McGinty is all about her convictions and it has nothing to do with her naked ambition for higher office.

  5. Anyone who knows anything about Pat Toomey’s career sees this for the nakedly obvious pandering that it is. It’s amazing. So much for having the courage of his convictions. It really makes one wonder if he’d keep his two-term limit pledge, if he didn’t get smoked this year.

  6. HaHaHa is posting as Unsanctioned Retard because he is still licking his wounds from the crushing defeat of Kathleen Kane and all of HaHaHa’s stupid predictions about the case. YOU LOSE, HAHAHA!!!

  7. Even I know Toomey is going to lose. He hasn’t done anything. And he”s hedging on the national embarrassment that is Donald Trump.

  8. Steve Todd, “pass the popcorn” is such a tired cliche for anyone except a chronic stoner like you, who has the munchies.

  9. Toomey has been a free trader all his life. Worked for three years for a Hong Kong billionaire as his personal derivative trader. Toomey voted to fast Track TTP through the Senate. Toomey is getting crushed in the polls. All the money Special Interests friends like the Koch Brothers ($4 million ) is not helping. Now he wants to protect Blue Collar Workers. Give me a break. Toomey for 51/2 years in the Senate has voted against the interests of Blue Collar Workers in every bill that has come for a vote. If reelected Toomey will be a free trader and support TTP on November 9. Toomey will feel the wrath of Seniors,Veterans ,and Blue Collar Workers on Election Day. November is coming for Toomey. He will be without a job November 8.

  10. “Ironically, Pat Toomey’s path on TPP is incredibly similar to Hillary Clinton’s although McGinty isn’t likely to mention that.”

    Bingo. Shrewd move by Team Toomey. I am still more likely to vote for Katie McGinty, but Pat has set this trap brilliantly, and Katie stumbled right in.

    Hillary’s history with trade agreements including TPP is near identical to Toomey’s. Including her recent, sudden, and extremely tepid opposition. I haven’t heard Clinton propose one thing to fight TPP, which we now have her on record opposing.

    If this were a chess game, Pat might have earned the right to say ‘check’ at the very least. Nowhere near ‘checkmate’, mind you, but pass the popcorn.

  11. He favors free-trade conceptually, so he voted for “it” [the mechanism]; he opposes this deal specifically, so he would vote against “it” [the BHO-proposal].

    No contradiction; this is precisely what Ted Cruz said/did.

  12. Toomey is a LOSER. He’s only against TPP because his daddy Trump told him to say so. Both are pukes who cannot be trusted to do anything except be vindictive a-holes.

  13. If Hillary got Trump the R nomination, she will be the greatest POTUS in the history of the United States!! I’m excited. Looking forward to November. Two women will be victorious in PA. And Trump and Toomey can go back to their business careers.

  14. Another way he is just like Hillary: sure, he’ll oppose it during election season, but you can be damn sure he will vote for it in the lame duck session! Just like SHE will enact it pronto if elected. Cut from the same snakeskin, those two. And Katie is just Hllary’s little puppy, sure to vote for TPP if needed.

    Too bad Fetterman stayed in the race and ruined our shot at having an outsider as a candidate. My guess is Hillary financed him just to make sure Sestak lost, just like she got Trump to run in the Repuke primaries.

  15. But he voted for it before he decided he was against it. That way he can be on both sides of the issue and argue successfully no matter what anyone asks him.

    Being a Senator is simple! Just ask One-Term Toomey.

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