PA-Sen: Toomey Wants More Inmates in Guantanamo

Guantanamo Bay PrisonSenator Pat Toomey not only doesn’t want to close Guantanamo Bay, he wants to fill it up.

According to Tony Raap of the Tribune-Review, Toomey made these comments during an appearance with his South Carolina colleague, Lindsey Graham.

“When you catch the bad guy, you put them someplace safe and secure and away from here like Guantanamo Bay,” Toomey stated. “My only criticism of Guantanamo Bay is there’s too many empty beds.”

Toomey claimed McGinty supports closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay in his latest TV and radio ads. The Democratic nominee has denied her opponent’s assertion.

“I never endorsed bringing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to the United States,” she told PoliticsPA after the initial commercial. “Pat Toomey is full of baloney. The detention center in Cuba is a real problem that President Obama inherited from President Bush. We need to listen to terror experts who tell us that Gitmo has been an effective recruitment tool. But I think we need to proceed very carefully and do nothing that might pose an even greater threat to the security of Americans, and I believe real questions have been raised about whether released prisoners are effectively being prevented from re-engaging in battle. Until those questions are answered, I will not/can not embrace the President’s plan.”

13 Responses

  1. Of course he wants MORE inmates at GB. He is a do-nothing ass-hole. Maybe he can start with the Radical morons who spoke in Cleveland. They seem to hate America.

  2. Great! More extra-judicial rendition, denying the criminals the right to due process under American law.Maybe Pat will build his retirement home in Cuba so he can enjoy the tropical sunshine, drink rum and smoke cigar and keep his money in an off shore account so it won’t be taxed by the Feds!

  3. The late Paul Tsongas had a great piece of campaign literature directed at Bill Clinton titled “Straight Talk v. Say Anything”. Sounds like the Toomey campaign is in the “say anything” mode.

  4. Sorry. Charlie. You post about real people (Cott). Ha3 posts I have seen are about “SpongeBob” and such. You are in deep shit. Can’t wait til his lawyer serves you.

  5. How about HaHU aka FaFaFelon who posts about others wives who are private citizens.

    COTT you are OWNED

  6. What pat said @2:22.

    Isaac L. has his own constitution. Even the Geneva Convention didn’t provide terrorists forth amendment rights for a reason. They abdicate them when warring against civilization.

  7. Pat Toomey was all about the Constitution in 2010 when he was pandering to the Tea Partiers who elected him. Now all of a sudden, he’s ready to throw the Constitution on the bonfire of temporary safety? I should hope we all remember what B. Franklin, Printer, had to say about that.

  8. How about internet trolls who crossed the line talking about private citizens?

  9. Maybe those beds should be filled with conservative fundamentalists with ties to Radical GOP.

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