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PA-Sen: Toomey Likely Won’t Attend Republican National Convention

Toomey SadThe Republican party will gather in Cleveland from July 18th to 21st to formally nominate and celebrate their presidential nominee.

Senator Pat Toomey will not be there.

After previously stating that he would “probably” attend the Republican National Convention, the Senator told WFMZ yesterday that he’ll be campaigning instead.

What changed?

Well, Toomey likely believed that someone other than Donald Trump would be the nominee.

At the moment, Trump’s poll numbers in a general election are rather weak so it doesn’t appear to be the best strategy to devote multiple days to his convention.

Senator Toomey is not unique in this regard as several candidates have also stated that they will be campaigning instead of being in Cleveland. In fact, yesterday it was revealed that the last two Republican Presidents (George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush) and the last two Republican nominees (John McCain and Mitt Romney) wouldn’t be at the convention.

“Senator Toomey will have a busy campaign schedule in Pennsylvania in the summer, so it’s not likely he will attend the convention, but he has not ruled it out, and will make a scheduling judgment much later in the summer,” campaign spokesman Ted Kwong told PoliticsPA.

While this move is really quite inconsequential, it exposes a central component of his race against Democratic nominee Katie McGinty. If Pat Toomey can make the election about him and McGinty, he’ll be on favorable ground. On the other hand, if the election is nationalized in this blue-leaning commonwealth, the landscape won’t be as hospitable.

24 Responses

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  2. Not impossible for Trump to carry PA…..many Pennsylvanians are fed up with liberal policies that favor illegals over veterans and seniors, and the rights of “those who identify” a certain way over children and women…..definitely not the America I grew up in. And I’m not a skinhead racist, just an average American woman who doesn’t want someone with a penis sharing a lockerroom with me…. I too am entitled to my rights, this is America isn’t it?

  3. Victoria he did not publicly support Trump. He voted for Cruz after his preferred candidate, Rubio, dropped out. I’m sorry your so ignorant and misinformed. But yes please vote for Trump and not Toomey and have fun with McGinty.

  4. Toomey publicly supported Trump a few days before the PA primary, and now he’s not going to Cleveland? Well, nothing can make my opinion of Mr. Toomey any worse.

  5. Poor Lou. Pretending the epically terrible Trump is in any way comparable to D candidates. He needs another cup of TEA.

  6. Smart, Senator. Antagonize all the R’s in a tough election with Hillary and Katie on the ticket against you. How do you think you can win?

  7. Go to Cleveland….some of us are tired of illegals jumping up and down on Police cars waving Mexican flags. I find this as offensive as some view the Confederate flag. Mexico has attacked the USA on several occasions, remember the Alamo? Their flag does not belong here nor do their lawless citizens.

  8. Trump is a pathetic joke. A shining symbol of everything the GOP stands for — hate and ignorance.

    The Grans Ol Party is just ol(d) now. They suck.

  9. Good choice…. It’s gonna be a tough one for Senator Toomey. Despite the delusions, this Trump experiment will be a massive disaster for the GOP – and well-deserved. The rhetoric and the bombast expose the GOP for what it is. Not a great thing when you’ve got white nationalists and skinheads backing the top of the ticket…. Not to mention Trump’s unethical business wheelings — and dealings with organized crime…. Senator Toomey has represented our State — and I think McGinty is far too socially liberal. I hope he can pull it off — but Trump on the ballot is ominous news.

  10. Guy, Trump is just not capable of that. Repubs keep hoping that Trump will drop the mask and this smart, polished leader will emerge.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    He is what he is: a rich bully boy who has always gotten by on bluster, ridicule, and ego. That’s your candidate and you’re stuck with him.

  11. Once Trump tones his rhetoric down and starts sounding like an actual presidential candidate, Toomey may change his mind.

  12. A smart choice politically, nevertheless Ms. McGinty will be well served by tying the ” Club For Growth ” bottom feeder to the presumptive nominee And utterly ridiculous Trump.

  13. Smart move to avoid Trump, but chicken hearted. Erie is less than an hour from Cleveland.

  14. If Pat Toomey could not make it to the convention but that’s ok with everybody.

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