PA-Sen: Toomey’s Two-Pronged Ad Strategy (VIDEOS)

Democrats are hammering Senator Pat Toomey over his stance on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Therefore, as Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer reports, Sen. Toomey’s campaign is moving on to their pre-primary TV strategy.

Yesterday, Toomey released two new TV ads that represent the delicate balance he is trying to maintain this year.

After a career as a conservative Congressman, Toomey has made significant efforts to portray himself as more centrist in his Senate career.

The prime example of this was his turn towards gun control after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The thirty-second spot, titled “What’s Right”, focuses on this part of Toomey’s record. It begins with gun safety advocate Nancy Grogan praising the Senator’s work.

“Pat Toomey lead the fight to keep guns away from criminals,” a female narrator states. “The Daily News called it a ‘profile in political courage’”.

In what is perhaps an effort to counter any charges of being soft on crime from his right, Sen. Toomey has also been one of the most strident defenders of the police in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another commercial, titled “Support”, features Trish McFarland, the wife of a Philadelphia police officer.

“When rioters destroyed American cities, Pat Toomey stood strong with police,” a male narrator says. “Toomey fought for better police equipment and benefits and denounced the riots when other wouldn’t.”

It is also probably not a coincidence that the stars of both of Toomey’s ads are women. Katie McGinty is the Democratic Party’s preferred nominee and the incumbent seems to be getting a heads start on a possible general election match-up.  

10 Responses

  1. Toomey is a blatant liar. His commercials tell half truths. He did for an instant bring up a conversation about more background checks for buying guns. That lasted about a week and then he didn’t support his own Initiative. Club for Growth , Heritage Foundation, and the NRA talked to him and that was the end of his initiative. His commercials are just let like Toomey,a lot of talk without any action. Toomey is trying to come off as a moderate. No such thing in the Republican Party. If Toomey wins in November the special interests win again and average Americans lose again. PAT TOOMEY NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

  2. @ New Liberal:

    Here is the 2nd Amendment:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed.”

    Please help me to understand how “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” does not refer in some way to private gun ownership? Historically speaking, even the portion that references a “Militia” is referencing private citizens and, by extension, private gun ownership.

  3. @Old Timer

    (That’s a good name for you, a better one would be: Old white guy)

    1) The Second Amendment says nothing about private gun ownership.

    2) You want an automatic weapon? Go join the Army or Marines. You can fire one there and play war all you want. But not on my streets, not in my neighborhood, not in my Country.

  4. Greg: Toomey talks nice, but then votes as a Tea Partier and loyal Club for Growth member. Other than a couple of gun laws, he always votes their way. He represents them in Congress, not the people of PA.

    You can see it in his outright refusal to consider our elected President’s choice for Supreme Court; never in history have Senators done something that radical. How many times did he vote to defund healthcare for Pennsylvanians? How many times to force the United States to default on our debts?

    Talk is cheap; he’s a radical in reasonable suit.

  5. Obamas Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland was instrumental in the coverup of the Oklahoma City bombing and helped the US Government quash the real story. This is payback for his allegiance to the shadow government. I’m no fan of Toomey, he is not fit to be Senator in my opinion.

  6. He is the best possible choice for PA. If we didn’t have Pat, I guarantee we’d have a right-wing nutjob trying to overturn Supreme Court decisions and making Pennsylvania look like Texas. Pat has worked hard and is a common-sense legislator who does what’s right… not an obstructionist like all the “anti-establishment” crazies.

  7. Observant: I do not believe it to be a “common sense measure” to “get automatic weapons off the street.” The 2nd Amendment give citizens of this country the right to own guns to defend themselves. Yes, those who legally own guns for the most part use them to hunt or to just go to a shooting range. However, the 2nd Amendment is there to protect all of us from our own government, from other people, or from a foreign invasion. People can counter by saying that our government would never be a threat or that a foreign government would never invade. However, things like that have happened before in history, and history often repeats itself. For me personally, I want the legal right to own whatever gun I want. I live in an area where it takes a racing police car at least 10 minutes to get to my house, if not 15-20 minutes. I have a wife and a family. If someone tries to invade my home and threaten my family, I want the legal right to use whatever force needed to defend them. This includes the right to use automatic weapons.

  8. Yawn…if he was worth anything, he wojuld have been able to convince the GOP to back his play on guns…he made very little effort to do so, was unable to lead his own caucus, failed us all on that and many other fronts, so what good is he?
    As for being pro-police, it would certainly be an aide to police to get automatic weapons off the street and refuse gun permits to the mentally challenged, persons with a history of violence, institute a better system of background checks, and deny gun permits to persons on terror watch lists or no fly lists. Again, his failure to do support and get support and succeed in passing such common sense measures hurts not only the public writ large, but the police for whom he is allegedly so much in favor of. And lastly, why isnt he denouncing the hateful, racist, and intolerant views and actions of Donald Trump? Toomey had his chance. His time is up. No amount o money spent on TV ads should save him. #OneTermToomey #BlueNovember

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