PA-Sen: Vodvarka Placed Back on Ballot to Sestak’s Chagrin

Sestak-WalkThere will once again be four names on the ballot for the Senate Democratic primary.

Joe Vodvarka, the eccentric small businessman, won his case before the PA Supreme Court today.

The Sestak campaign had been seeking to get Vodvarka’s name taken off the ballot, arguing that he didn’t have enough signatures. The former Congressman initially won his case but the commonwealth’s highest court overturned it on appeal.

It’s not entirely clear why Sestak wanted Vodvarka booted from the ballot, although it may be as simple as each having the same first name. You’d be surprised how easily voters get confused and every vote counts.

Additionally, Vodvarka will be listed first among the candidates, which could prove beneficial for him.

Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman are also running in the April 26th Democratic primary.

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  2. I am the attorney who represented Vodvarka. The basis of the PA Supreme Court decision is that both federal and state law now permit someone who has moved to a different address within the county in which they are registered to vote to continue to vote without immediately notifying voter registration officials of their move, hence they remain registered voters and, therefore “qualified electors” who may validly sign nomination petitions. The PA Supreme Court simply overturned old precedent decided on a repealed version of the election code which once provided that if you move without notifying election officials your voter registration was automatically terminated and, therefore were no longer a registered voter or “qualified elector” and therefore any signature recorded on a nomination petition invalid.

  3. if one actually reads the Commonwealth Court and PA Supreme Court decisions, they dhow a liberalization of PA voting standards to favor allowing electors who have moved to a different address than their SURE official address to cast ballots. Com Ct said they could not, PA Supreme says they can. it is sure to be a mess tomorrow at the polls since county election officials remain clueless about this latest directive from the PA Supreme court. (Despite a mandate in the Election Code that their responsibility is to educate election boards… which in my 20 years of serving hs not happened once. _ this PA Supreme decision may favor the v last hordes of bernie supporters who may still be r registered to vote at last year’s college address– if they are registered at all to vote in a county, even if they’ve never filed change o address as required under the election Code, the Supremes think they should be able to vote.

  4. Jessica’s “comment” has as much substance as David Diano’s latest screed against Sestak. That said, it certainly looks good for McGinty.

  5. ignoring the party last time showed us what kind of playerSestak was last time against a candidate like Toomey, who no one liked or saw as a Senator.

  6. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$-

    It’s certainly reasonable to question her skills, if she can’t put away a punk like Sestak and dismantle his lies, and inability to play with others.

    However, she still has better shot of beating Toomey than Admiral Shipwreck.

    If Sestak wins primary, he won’t work party or coordinated campaign, and can’t raise money (from all the Dems he told to f*ck off).

    If McGinty wins, she will work with party, have support (and money). Also, with Hillary and female vote, McGinty benefits.

    If Fetterman wins primary it will be huge headline and instant name recognition (and a lot of head scratching). John will work with the party as well, and not be antagonistic to them.

  7. Yeah, like McG can beat anyone. Toomey will blow her out of the water. Let’s get serious.

  8. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$

    Be careful what you wish for.
    Sestak-wins-primary => Toomey-wins-relection

  9. Maybe we should wait till a scientific poll comes out or until election day. Sestak has the real election won. Not sure what’s up with PoliticsPA reader survey—but the last time they did a reader survey Sestak started out pooorly, but then beat McGinty—right? Anyway, reader surveys are not scientific, but I would like to see Sestak win it —

  10. Stosh

    In Joe’s case, in means he’s going to screw you from behind and take your wallet.

  11. 2 weeks ago sestak had this won,now mcginty is catching on with ads and endorsements.

  12. David, yep, he’s got lawn signs with that slogan. My guess is that less half the voters knows what “got your six” even means.

  13. Stosh-

    That’s been his slogan. Are their actual lawnsigns with that?

    Oh, I just checked. Sestak is listed as “Joe” not “Joseph”.

  14. “It’s not entirely clear why Sestak wanted Vodvarka booted from the ballot, although it may be as simple as each having the same first name.”

    That’s 90% of it: “Vote for Joe” …. oops.

    Also, Vodvarka is also a Chech name.

    When Joe (Sestak) runs, especially back in the early days, a lot of voters didn’t know what the f*ck his name was nor how to pronounce it. He name was just: “Oh…that admiral guy”

    If Sestak had his way, he’d be the only name on the ballot.

    It’s interesting who this hurts/helps more (and shockingly to the readers here, I don’t have an opinion who it hurts more).

    Joseph VodVarka — Allegheny
    John Fetterman — Allegheny
    Joseph Sestak — Delaware
    Katie McGinty — Chester

    There is an argument that it hurts Fetterman more with VodVarka being first and sharing a western county for the regional voters.

    It may help Katie being 1 woman against 3 men, rather than against 2, despite her now being 4th instead of 3rd on the ballot.

  15. Rendering 50,000 lawn signs ordered by the Sestak campaign that read “Joe’s got your 6” a complete waste of money.

  16. I don’t recall ever hearing Sestak referred to as Joseph so I wouldn’t lay an egg over it.

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