PA Senate Democrats Endorse Clinton

Hillary-ClintonAhead of the April 26th primary, PA Senate Democrats have overwhelmingly lined up to support Hillary Clinton for President.

“Secretary Clinton will bring a lifetime of experience fighting for the issues that matter most — not just for Pennsylvanians, but for the country as a whole,” said Senate Democratic Leader, Jay Costa (Allegheny). “With Clinton in the White House, we will have an experienced leader who knows Pennsylvania and will be able to move the ball forward.”

“Hillary Clinton’s ties run deep in Pennsylvania and in Philadelphia,” said Senate Democratic Senate Appropriations Chair, Senator Vincent J. Hughes (Philadelphia). “From her time as First Lady, to U.S. Senator, to Secretary of State, I’ve seen in Hillary someone with an incredible grasp of legislation and the legislative process, and an undeniably compassionate understanding of the role in Government in the lives of every American.”

“Clinton is the best candidate to lead our country,” said Senate Democratic Campaign Committee Chair, Daylin Leach (Montgomery). “She combines the progressive ideals that our country needs with the pragmatism and resume to get things done. At a time when the Republican Presidential candidates seem to be stoking the flames of fear and anger, I have never been more proud to support Hillary Clinton for President.”

Clinton and her family have been crisscrossing the commonwealth in recent days. She has an 11 point on rival Senator Bernie Sanders, according to the latest Fox News Poll.

The full list of endorsements is as follows:

John P. Blake – Lackawanna

Lisa M. Boscola – Northampton

Jim Brewster – Allegheny

Jay Costa – Allegheny

Andrew E. Dinniman – Chester

Lawrence Farnese, Jr. – Philadelphia

Wayne D. Fontana – Allegheny

Vincent J.  Hughes – Philadelphia

Shirley M. Kitchen – Philadelphia

Daylin Leach  – Montgomery

Judy Schwank – Berks

Christine M. Tartaglione  – Philadelphia

Rob Teplitz – Dauphin

Sean Wiley – Erie

Anthony H. Williams – Philadelphia

John N. Wozniak – Cambria

John T. Yudichak – Luzerne

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15 thoughts on “PA Senate Democrats Endorse Clinton”

  1. steventodd says:


  2. steventodd says:

    Why do Clinton supporters think they know what Sanders supporters think? Cray Cray.

    Anyway: 3,404 have RSVP’d, 300 just today. See ya in HYC.


  3. idratherbefishingwithric says:

    Why do Sanders supporters think that tagging anything they dislike with feelthebern means something besides a troll?

    And don’t you think that HillPAC would want Democrats to win so things get done? So supporting candidates and state parties… makes sense?

  4. steventodd says:

    Boo to every single one of them. You are wrong, Sen Leach. TheBern is the only candidate even discussing the issues in a substantive constructive way.

    #FeelTheBern NY Represents again this Saturday. 3,252 RSVP’d, 24 of them in the past 90 minutes.

    Hey: Where’s all the spontaneous, supporter led and financed, Hillary rallies?

    I keep missing them. Somehow.

    12k say ‘Going’ on FB. We’ll see.

    You can buy every other part of political popularity. But the popularity part can not be forced, faked or bought. It either is or it is not.

  5. Moderate Republican says:

    There Is a Moderate Republican in this Race, but She’s Running as a Democrat

  6. tommyd says:

    They need to keep Wasserman Schultz happy.

  7. Unknown says:

    Observer: She knows she is done…but not for the reasons you stated…

  8. Scot DePue says:

    She’s helping them with her Victory Fund. More business as usual. #feelthebern

  9. Zakrey Bissell says:

    That’s good Senate Democrats but for I’m not sure if I want to do the same thing most likely not.

  10. Real Talk says:

    Hillary has brought the Democratic parties of 33 states by way of The Hillary Victory Fund. One of those 33 states is Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party. The takeover has been carefully thought out and planned as deals began to be made in August 2015 at the Democratic Party Convention in Minneapolis.

  11. Observer says:

    Hill’s PAC has promised these guys all the cash they need to get re-elected. Can’t tell you how I know, but it is direct information. So now you know that these guys are all paid shills.

    If she is so confident that she is way way ahead here – why is the whole clan sweating its way around the state? Answer: she knows she is done. That racist joke in NYC is ALL over the black churches in Philly, as is Bill’s telling the BLM activist to Hush.

  12. KSDF says:

    PoliticsPa: Where 18 is Somehow Over 20.

    There aren’t even 20 Democrats in the State Senate.

  13. Shocker says:

    D. Miller. Not one news site has said that. Source or you’re full of bs/trying to get one sides’ supporters angry.

  14. D. Miller says:

    Wolf supports Sanders

  15. Shocker says:


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