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PA Senate Majority Leader Says He Will Do “Everything” In His Power To Prevent Legalized Recreational Use of Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf captured headlines statewide this week when he said during a Twitter Q&A that he thinks it’s time to “take a serious and honest look at recreation marijuana.”

Previously, Wolf had never embraced the discussion of fulling legalizing marijuana in the state until studying the experiences of other states that have legalized it. He even said in a KDKA interview in August that he believed Pennsylvanians weren’t “ready” for the legalization of marijuana.

The comments from Wolf also drew sharp pushback from the Republican Majority Leader of the state Senate.

Sen. Jake Corman (R-Centre) said that legalizing marijuana for recreational use is “reckless and irresponsible” and vowed to do everything in his power to prevent it from happening.

“The governor’s new position on the issue of legalizing the drug for recreational use is reckless and irresponsible. Recreational marijuana is a mind-altering narcotic which will harm our youth as it is a depressant and a gateway drug to other illegal substances. Combine that with a lack of credible research on the societal costs and opposition from prosecutors, the medical community and law enforcement and you have the makings of a catastrophe,” Corman said in a statement. “This sends the wrong message to our youth. As long as I am leader, I will do everything in my power to prevent legalization of recreational marijuana.”

According to the AP, Wolf talked to reporters yesterday after he made his tweet went viral and called himself a “realist” on the topic.

“We can’t just duck our heads in to the sand and say things aren’t happening,” he said. “New York, New Jersey, they are neighboring states, they are making a decision. I want to follow them and see what they do.”

However, according to the Allentown Morning Call’s Steve Esack, it will “not be a key part of his second term.”

8 Responses

  1. This is the Jake Corman who supported the pedophile-enablers at Penn State, right? And the guy who does not support extending the statute of limitations for pedophiles? But he is worried about legalizing marijuana, which would bring billions into the Pa. coffers. And, it is not any worse than alcohol, though I do not imbibe. Corman is clueless and like R’s, a hypocrite.

  2. Look at that picture of him, he is just a bloated fat Harrisburg bureaucrat who has been in office way too long. He is another one of those legacy pols like Shuster whose daddy set it up for him to continue suckling the taxpayer teat for another generation.

  3. And there it is. The argument that one uses when they have no other logical points to present. “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!!!”

    Last time I checked it was illegal for minors to drink alcohol or use tobacco. I assume marijuana would be regulated the same way. Corman is an idiot.

  4. This is why Wolf needs to go after decriminalization as part of criminal justice reform. (Even the f*cking US Senate passed a criminal justice reform bill 87-12.)

    This is really another example of Wolf being totally ignorant of politics, or just wanting to get nothing done by asking for something he knows won’t pass. If Wolf holds out for full legalization and sales, nothing will happen, especially the needed decriminalization of small amounts.

    The injustices due to arrests for small recreational amounts are serious and systemic. They cost the taxpayers as well as the victims/families of overzealous and racially motivated selective enforcement.

    Wolf needs to get his priorities straight and end the injustice FIRST, before worrying about pot dispensaries and tax revenue.

  5. “Mind altering substance that will create a catastrophe..” really??? Have you been to the doctors recently Senator? Pot usage is so common it is on every questionaire for new patients. You sound like one of those 1950’s videos that said people will go insane once they smoke pot. This is the same mentality that has zealously stopped redistricting no matter how many states have have had referendums nor even if those states were red states and the same mentality that will no allow Pa to get tax money from fracking. Again, three cheers for King Scarnati, the “King of Pennsylvania” and his court stopping discussions of new ideas.

  6. Corman is ignorant or confused. His dire descriptions of pot actually apply to alcohol.

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