PA Society Returns to NY Hilton in December

Pennsylvania politicos will once again have the chance to return to the Big Apple in December for an annual get-together. 

According to a news release from the Pennsylvania Society, the annual dinner will take place on Dec 4 at the New York Hilton. The Waldorf Astoria, the traditional venue, is still undergoing renovations to transform the hotel rooms into condos. Event spaces are expected to reopen in 2022. 

The scheduled annual dinner did not take place in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a release from the Pennsylvania Society, last year was the first time in it’s 122-year history that the annual dinner did not take place. 

“The Pennsylvania Society Annual Dinner comes at the start of the holiday season and is a time when we come together as friends to celebrate service to the Commonwealth we all love,” said Edward Sheehan, Jr., president of the Pennsylvania Society. “I know our members missed that opportunity very much in 2020. So, it will be particularly special to gather again this December as we continue to pay special tribute to our fellow Pennsylvanians on the frontlines of the pandemic who have allowed us to resume this festive event. We have been proud to recognize their outstanding work on Instagram using the hashtag #pacovidheroes.” 

The press release added that the Pennsylvania Society will be working closely with the Hilton to “follow all government guidelines related to indoor capacity, social distancing, and any other New York City COVID-19 health requirements.” 

The annual Gold Medal winner will be announced over the summer and updates will be provided at

Previous Gold medal winners from The Pennsylvania Society for the past two decades include then-Vice President Joe Biden (2013), Marjorie O. Rendell and former Gov. Ed Rendell (2015), Robert P. Casey (2010), Arlen Specter (2007), and former President George H.W. Bush (2003).

The weekend typically jam-packed with events will take place just a few months before Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial and Senate primaries.

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6 thoughts on “PA Society Returns to NY Hilton in December”

  1. David Diano says:

    Do the lobbyists have to pay NY or PA sales tax when they buy politicians at this event?

  2. The+Huckabeast says:

    Any respectable politician who really represents the PA middle class would avoid this unnecessary pony show. Nothing more than a gathering of pompous richies who are looking to buy political influence.


    Will Marcel be there?

  4. FormerGOPer says:

    Why does a PA society have an event in NYC? There’s thousands of places in PA they could hold an event. Maybe stimulate the PA economy.

    1. Kathy Rowan says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

  5. 22+is+2+early says:

    Can’t wait for all the DSA folks to be there and need an invite to the Bartos/Fetterman Group Reception!

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