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Pa. State House Contested Primaries

We are running down the contested primaries for the state House in the May 15th primary election.  

The districts are listed with the counties they contain, and it is marked whether the contested primary is Democratic or Republican.  The incumbents are also marked.

HD-2 (Erie)

Democratic Primary

Jay Breneman

Richard Filippi

Robert Merski

Republican Primary

Laban Marsh

Timothy Kuzma

HD-12 (Butler)

Democratic Primary

Honora Rockar

Daniel Smith

HD-19 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Ebony Taylor

Aerion Andrew

Jake Wheatley (Incumbent)

HD-20 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Michael Devine

Adam Ravenstahl (Incumbent)

HD-21 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Dom Costa (Incumbent)

Sara Innamorato

HD-24 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

William Anderson

Ed Gainey (Incumbent)

Todd Koger

HD-30 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Kareem Kandil

Elizabeth Monroe

Jacob Pavlecic

HD-32 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Anthony Deluca (Incumbent)

Erin Vecchio

HD-34 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Paul Costa (Incumbent)

Summer Lee

HD-40 (Allegheny, Washington)

Democratic Primary

Edward Eichenlaub

Sharon Guidi

Republican Primary

Paul Dixon

Natalie Mihalek Stuck

James Roman

HD-44 (Allegheny)

Republican Primary

David Bachman

Robert Doddato

Valerie Gaydos

Scott Larue

HD-46 (Allegheny, Washington)

Democratic Primary

Rueben Brock

Byron Timmins

HD-48 (Washington)

Democratic Primary

Alexander Mitchell

Joseph Zupancic

HD-49 (Fayette, Washington)

Democratic Primary

Randy Barli

Steven Toprani

HD-53 (Montgomery)

Democratic Primary

Leon Angelichio

Steven Malagari

HD-54 (Allegheny, Washington)

Democratic Primary

Robert Bertha

Jonathan McCabe

Republican Primary

Robert Brooks

MaryAlice Newborn

Michael Korns

Bryan Kline

HD-62 (Indiana)

Democratic Primary

Logan Dellafiora

Aaron Lehman

Republican Primary

Julie Anderson

Mike Baker

Shane Caylor

James Struzzi

HD-68 (Bradford, Potter, Tioga)

Republican Primary

Mark Hamilton

Clinton Owlett

Dennis Weaver

HD-71 (Cambria, Somerset)

Republican Primary

Justin Capouellez

James Rigby

Joseph Sernell

HD-74 (Chester)

Democratic Primary

Joshua Maxwell

Frank Pryor

Dan Williams

HD-79 (Blair)

Republican Primary

Sharon Bream

Louis Schmitt

HD-80 (Blair)

Republican Primary

Christopher Creek

James Gregory

HD-82 (Franklin, Juniata, Mifflin)

Republican Primary

Johnathan Hershey

Tracy Powell

James Junkin

Eugene Ughetto

Jerald Leach

Joshua Fultz

Beth Laughlin

Terrance Shepler

Nicole Sherlock-King

HD-91 (Adams)

Republican Primary

Holland Kurt

Dan Moul (Incumbent)

HD-92 (Cumberland, York)

Republican Primary

Joshua Hershey

Dawn Keefer (Incumbent)

Curtis Werner

HD-93 (York)

Republican Primary

Paul Jones

Matthew Jansen

HD-105 (Dauphin)

Republican Primary

Adam Klein

Andrew Lewis

HD-106 (Dauphin)

Democratic Primary

Jill Linta

Robert Myers

HD-112 (Lackawanna)

Democratic Primary

Kyle Mullins

Francis McHale

Robert Castellani

Thomas Carlucci

Randy Castellani

HD-127 (Berks)

Democratic Primary

Thomas Caltagirone (Incumbent)

Mallory Scott

Manuel Guzman

HD-131 (Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton)

Republican Primary

Justin Simmons (Incumbent)

Beverly Plosa-Bowser

HD-134 (Berks, Lehigh)

Republican Primary

Ryan Mackenzie (Incumbent)

Ronald Beitler

HD-143 (Bucks)

Democratic Primary

Wendy Ullman

Timothy Brennan

HD-150 (Montgomery)

Democratic Primary

Joseph Webster

Steven Burda

HD-155 (Chester)

Democratic Primary

Ronald Graham

Danielle Otten

HD-158 (Chester)

Republican Primary

Eric Roe (Incumbent)

William Westbrook

HD-160 (Chester, Delaware)

Democratic Primary

Catherine Spahr

Anton Andrew

HD-164 (Delaware)

Democratic Primary

Margo Davidson (Incumbent)

Lauren Footman

HD-165 (Delaware)

Republican Primary

Regina Scheerer

Alexander Charlton (Incumbent)

HD-167 (Chester)

Democratic Primary

Jeffrey McFall

Kristine Howard

HD-168 (Delaware)

Democratic Primary

Kristin Seale

Philip Block

HD-175 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Michael O’Brien (Incumbent)

Deborah Derricks

HD-176 (Monroe)

Democratic Primary

Claudette Williams

Tia-Marie Fritz

HD-177 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Margaret Borski

Joseph Hohenstein

Sean Kilkenny

Daniel Marino

Sean Wayland

HD-179 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Jason Dawkins (Incumbent)

Abu Edwards


Democratic Primary

Malcolm Kenyatta

Lewis Nash

Kenneth Walker

Gilberto Gonzalez

Lewis Thomas

Jason Deering

Thomas Street

HD-183 (Lehigh, Northampton)

Republican Primary

Zachary Mako (Incumbent)

Cynthia Miller

HD-184 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Thomas Wyatt

Nicholas Didonato

Elizabeth Fiedler

Jonathan Rowan

HD-185 (Delaware, Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Maria Donatucci (Incumbent)

Evette Thompson

HD-188 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

James Roebuck (Incumbent)

Jeffrey Curry

Diane Settles

HD-189 (Monroe, Pike)

Democratic Primary

Christa Caceres

Adam Rodriguez

HD-190 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Vanessa Brown (Incumbent)

Wanda Logan

Raymond Bailey

HD-193 (Adams, Cumberland)

Republican Primary

John Wardle

Torren Ecker

Andrew Myers

Vincent Cockley

HD-194 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Pamela Delissio (Incumbent)

Jakita Johnson

HD-197 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Frederick Ramirez

Danilo Burgos

Emilio Vazquez (Incumbent)

HD-198 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Rosita Youngblood (Incumbent)

Bernard Williams

HD-199 (Cumberland)

Republican Primary

Barbara Gleim

Jason Kelso

HD-200 (Philadelphia)

Democratic Primary

Melissa Scott

Chris Rabb (Incumbent)

7 Responses

  1. HD-2 It will be Ex-Erie Mayor Rick Filippi. Merski is a douchebag. His claim to fame is that his dad was Sheriff of Erie County for a number of years. He works for the Erie school district and serves on city council for the past 4 years. He’s as dumb as a rock.
    Jay Breneman has some government funded job and serve on Erie county council. He loves the limelight of poltics. However he is a political operative who cares only about advancing his own self and his own agenda.
    The other 2 candidates both Repubs, don’t stand a chance in hell of being elected in this heavily Democrat district. However, the job does pay well, you get a state leased vehicle and plenty of perks! So you can’t blame ’em for trying.

    I’d be real surprised if Merski pulls it off, but then the people of Erie elected Sonya Arrington to city council and she turned out to be a real loser.

    1. Jay Breneman is the only pro-choice candidate. Disgrace that the other two aren’t.


  3. Burda, Wayland, Footman, and Mallory Scott were all removed from the ballot. A little research could have helped that

  4. Several candidates on this list have withdrawn or been removed and will not appear on the ballot.

  5. Since when does making a list count as icing a rundown? I clicked this story to see some insight….

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