Pa. State Senate Contested Primaries

We are running down the contested primaries for the state Senate in the May 15th primary election.

The districts are listed with the counties they contain, and it is marked whether the contested primary is Democratic or Republican.  The incumbents are also marked.

SD-26 (Chester, Delaware)

Democratic Primary

Tanner Rouse

Timothy Kearney

SD-28 (York)

Democratic Primary

Judith McCormick

Shawn Mauck

Republican Primary

Kristin Phillips-Hill

Julie Wheeler

SD-30 (Blair, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon)

Republican Primary

Judy Ward

Daniel Kiss

SD-38 (Allegheny)

Democratic Primary

Stephanie Walsh

Lindsey Williams

Republican Primary

Randy Vulakovich (Incumbent)

Jeremy Shaffer

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6 thoughts on “Pa. State Senate Contested Primaries”

  1. FYI says:

    Marcus Paul was removed from the ballot in Senate District 2 – he did not have enough signatures

  2. Tom Geffers says:

    Tarah is a Dem running against Scavello in the 40th

  3. rogue1776 says:

    My Mistake Tarah Probst is a Dem Candidate in the 40th district and will face the incumbent Republican in the fall

  4. rogue1776 says:

    The Republican primary in the 38th district is between Randy “What tax will he vote for next” Vulakovich and Jeremy Shaffer won has pledged to not vote for any new taxes. Tarah is NOT a candidate for any senate race according to the state website.

    1. Lew Stoulles says:

      “Randy “What tax will he vote for next” Vulakovich”

      Must be a family name.

  5. Jennifer says:

    No idea who Tarah Probst is but I don’t think she’s been filling my mailbox in the 38th. Anyone there able to proofread?

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