PA State Troopers Endorse Wojcik for Commonwealth Court

michael-wojcikMichael Wojcik received the unanimous endorsement from the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association for his run for a seat on the Commonwealth Court.

“Representing more than 8,000 active and retired State Troopers, the PSTA seeks to endorse candidates who have the best interest of Pennsylvania and its law enforcement community at heart,” said Joseph Kovel, President of the PSTA.

Kovel went on to say that the association believes Wojcik to be worthy of their endorsement and a great candidate for this position due to his experience in public and private law practice in Allegheny County.

“Mike Wojcik has had some success fishing in the GOP’s pond,” said Marty Marks, spokesperson for the Wojcik campaign. “He landed the PAMPAC endorsement, picked up the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and impressed the Pennsylvania Business Council and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry enough to neutralize their political committees, a clear defeat for his Republican opponent.”

Wojcik is the Democratic nominee for an open seat on the Commonwealth Court.

3 Responses

  1. This really isn’t that surprising. Mike Wojcik was former Allegheny County Executive Dan ‘the Drink Tax Man’ Onorato’s General Counsel. Dan Onorato is a former board member and tight with the Chamber and PEG Boards. Not too shocking that he worked to block the endorsement for his good buddy Wojcik. Probably won’t help Wojcik much on November 3. The real problem for Wojcik is that the Trial Lawyers are staying out of the race, which is a big, big loss for him. Todd Eagen was by far our better General Election candidate.

  2. Why are you disappointed? Do you know ANYTHING about the this guy or the guy he is running against, or is it simply a question of your partisanship, namely “I will never vote for a Democrat because I am a Republican”? No one is paying attention to the intermediate appellate races, which is a shame. Take a look at the qualifications and experience of both candidates in the race, and the other judicial races, and weigh that, not their party. After all, judicial candidates run on their qualifications and experience not issues because they can’t take positions on the issues as that would violate the Code of Judicial Conduct. Maybe that is what the Troopers did and why they endorsed the big, bad Democrat — because he is MORE QUALIFIED TO BE A COMMONWEALTH COURT JUDGE. But that rationale would make too much sense, right?

  3. Unbelievable! Law enforcement endorsing a democratic candidate! The PSTA has taken many steps back in the last few years. I am disappointed to see this endorsement.

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