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PA to Host Debate Between Clinton and Sanders

Clinton-SandersHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be debating in Pennsylvania.

At least that seems to be the plan right now.

After criticism over the lack of Democratic presidential primary debates reached a boiling point, the two campaigns and the DNC have agreed to add four more.

“The candidates have also agreed to participate in three newly scheduled DNC sanctioned debates,” DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced. “The first of these new debates is confirmed to take place in Flint, Michigan on March 6th, with the remaining two taking place in April and May with times and locations to be determined. We will continue to work closely with both campaigns as we finalize the remaining details.”

According to Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, who first broke this story, the April debate will be taking place in Pennsylvania.

This would make sense as PA’s primary is set for April 26th.

19 Responses

  1. When, where and time will the next
    rally be held for Bernie Sanders in Western PA during the month of April. I missed the one in Pittsburgh?

  2. Hopefully this year Pennsylvania will be at least in the running for a Presidential debate in the fall. It breaks me up how many of those debates are in non-swing states.

  3. “Why doesn’t Hillary name Bernie as her running mate right now???”
    Why do you think Bernie should take a back seat to anyone? He has experience, knowledge of the issues, a great platform, and plenty of backers. He should continue to campaign for the top spot!

  4. @Adriane Any president has to deal with opposition, but read Elizabeth Warren’s recent op-ed in the New York Times about how who the president is matters because of executive actions and who they appoint to positions and how they enforce the law. It was thinly-veiled endorsement of Bernie Sanders imo. Sanders will also be the best at energizing the public to be involved, he’ll be the best to use the bully pulpit, and the best and working to and point out the problems of our current political finance system.

  5. I am really starting to wonder why the PSU3 decision is not being reported locally. Is it because the Penn State pedophilia case is no longer news? That certainly is not the case. And it seems that everything Kane related is news (even her sister’s debt to her b/f). Why isn’t it news when the person behind the Kane witch-hunt is labeled as unethical? The court’s finding was that Fina’s conduct was “HIGHLY IMPROPER” — in a high profile case that mirrors the tactics used against Kane in the criminal case she is facing. To me – that is news.

    And I still haven’t seen or heard anyone ask Seth Williams the tough questions about his new hire – the woman married to Frank Fina’s lawyer (who is suing the AG’s Office for money). The one who stands to gain from discrediting Kane.

  6. They are all running on idealism. It’s just that some of the candidates actually believe what they say. Hillary is a liar and is owned by Wall Street hedge funds. She’s running for ego and power. You are very naive to think otherwise.

  7. Bernie Sanders is running on “idealism”. If elected he will either abandon his premise or be another President incapable of creating bi-partisan relationships.

  8. How many Interns will Bill Clinton Turn Out if HilLIARy gets elected . How many bimbos will Slick Willy sneak into the White House ? HilLIARy is a disgrace to the human race .

  9. Cannot trust Clinton as far as I can throw her. The Clintons are not to be trusted. Her emails are getting even deeper—but even worse—she says anything to get elected, even parroting Bernie. Of course, she doesn’t believe a single thing she parrots. She thinks the louder she yells at campaign events that she is displaying passion. She is an actor and much worse. Wall Street hedge funders right in her own immediate family………..I can go on. Not honest people!!!

  10. I suggested she would make a good vice-prez to one of my Hillary-backing friends, but I guarantee that won’t happen! She has to be the boss this time around, or bust.

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