Pa. Unemployment Rate Rises for Second Month

PA-Dept-of-Labor-and-Industry-logoThe May unemployment numbers showed an increase of a tenth of a percentage point, increasing the rate to 5.0%.  This increase in the second one in a row.  

Pennsylvania’s rate is now seven-tenths of a point above the national average, which decreased in May to 4.3%.  

While the civilian labor force was up 11,000 during the month, resident employment increased by 2,000 compared to an increase of 8,000 in the unemployment count.  

The increase of the state number, especially with the national rate declining, will give ammo to Republicans looking to challenge Governor Tom Wolf.  Republicans will likely push that Wolf’s policies are causing the job market in Pennsylvania to shrink.  

9 Responses

  1. One Term Tom Wolf’s fault. What else is new. This dude can’t even color between the lines why the heck would we elect him to another term as governor.

  2. History has shown it takes 6 to 12 months for the economy to transition from one president to another. I predict that as this circus continues in Washington, the economy will get worse due to lack of real leadership. Couple that with the potential for some sort of major terrorism event that Trump will be unable to deal with along with Republicans in Congress repealing safeguards put in place to protect consumers, the risk is real for a major economic collapse by 2020. Hopefully when it happens, Trump voters will revote and have huge bonfires burning their MAGA hats. Remember too, Trump’s fortune has only survived by his utilization of bankruptcy laws. He can’t bankrupt the US Government…. or can he?

    1. Ever stop to think that having the most liberal governor in the governor for three years is THE PROBLEM?

  3. …while he and hia daughter are manufacturing all their goods in and China and Ethiopia… and oh yeah where are the coal jobs? And just when you thought it was safe to go to the doctor Trump and team are taking away your Healthcare and they want your Medicare benefits and Social Security too. PA needs to wake up.

  4. National unemployment on average down. That is Trump. Each state is its own. On a national average level, Trump is doing great. On our state level, this is the state government’s fault.

  5. Thanks for your page! Your share information it helped me alot! I pray for you to be happy and successful in your life.

  6. Interesting spin by GOP editor: Republicans will blame Wolf. God forbid that they’d blame Trump. But they sure would give him credit if unemployment went DOWN. You know, the JOBS PRESIDENT and all that crapola.

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