PA Young Democrats Endorse Marcel Groen for Party Chair

marcel-groenAfter Chairman of the PA Democratic Party Jim Burn announced that he will be stepping down on Sept. 12th, many have been wondering who his successor will be.

Montgomery County Chairman Marcel Groen was viewed as the favorite to take over leadership of the party, but a PoliticsPA poll showed that an overwhelming majority of readers do not believe he will assume the position.

Nevertheless, Groen continues to garner support, with the most recent endorsement coming from the Pennsylvania Young Democrats.

“Chairman Groen has built an effective Young Democrats presence, as well as a strong bench of candidates, in Montgomery County. We are looking forward to working closely with him to ensure young people have an active voice within the State Party,” said Pennsylvania Young Democrats President Megan Winters.

The Pennsylvania Young Democrats hope to see Groen keep Pennsylvania blue.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats,” thanked Groen. “Young people are the backbone of our Party. My success in Montgomery County has been due in large part to the dedication of young people, many of whom have been candidates or currently serve in elected office.”

18 Responses

  1. If there are more candidates besides Marcel, they have not done anything at all to reach out to the “T.” Marcel met with a bunch of us in State College and Danville (along with a few other rural locations), and to my knowledge is the only one interested. Jim Burn was asked more than once if he wanted to stay on, and many of us were willing to rally the troops to keep him in. He declined. Time to move forward. So far, it’s Marcel, clearly a candidate willing and capable of filling the position. Most of us remain open to considering another candidate, but so far……. nada.

  2. Sure will be fun watching the Republicans work again. No more free ride with Chairman Groen running the party.

  3. “A candidate for State Party Chair needs only to be a registered Democrat.”

    Hmmmm… I’m a registered Democrat….. nominations need to be seconded…. oh well 🙁

  4. Whistleblower-

    A candidate for State Party Chair needs only to be a registered Democrat. One does not need to be an elected State Committee member to run for State Party Chair.

  5. @ anyone. Do you have to be an elected state committee member to run? What are the rules and criteria to run?

  6. Groen has not donated to the State Party. As a matter of fact, he boycotted last year’s J & J Dinner. He literally crashed June’s 21st Century Club event & it only costs $200. Just saying, he doesn’t appear to be a team player. Why would the PA Dems support someone who actively works against the State Party? We need a real Democrat to step up & run against Groen.

  7. Marcel is a Double Agent he sells out to the Republican Party . Groen is the worst Possible Person to Be Chair of the Party He is nasty and Vindictive . Marcel is a Dictator . Groen is a very Evil Man . Why does he not tout any other endorsements cause he does not have any

  8. Observer #2-

    Actually, it’s the second year of his second term. Burn was reelected chair in June 2014 after Wolf won the primary.

  9. Sources inside Dem State Committee describe the Marcel “takeover” attempt as a “coup”—-meaning Marcel is involved in an undemocratic seizure of the chairmanship from the unanimously elected chairman Jim Burn– whose past 4 years has seen a positive improvement—a reversal from top-down dictatorial powers emanating from previous administrations to a more rank and file, democratic model. The next election is when Marcel should run—-not in the 1st year of the 2nd term of the duly elected current Chair. Am I incorrect?

  10. It is of perennial interest that these organizations like ‘Young Democrats’ seem never to advertise a meeting at which a vote of the membership or executive board can be publicly observed . a good question: when and where was this ‘endorsement’ formulated– in some back room ? were there any other candidates invited to present credentials? maybe the endorsement came as a result of a private chat between the president of the Young Dems and Marcel, at the sunday picnic 3 days ago ? (certain young Dems are on state committee; that meeting happens 9/13) thanks for saving us the trip to state committee to vote, because the result of the election for state chair has apparently been predetermined : ‘top down’ dictation to the grass roots ( as usual). perhaps Marcel will be found to be the best choice, but I’d like to hear from the other candidates, and independently make up my own mind. or is that out of fashion in the PA Democratic party nowadays?

  11. Observer #2 asks a very valid question. This organization hasn’t had more then 5 members in 5 years.
    Marcel’s racking up the votes, by hook or by crook.

  12. Groen is the best choice for party chair, and I’m glad the young dems see it too. Weren’t the young dems one of the first organizations to endorse Wolf in 2014 too?

  13. Great Choice Young Democrats. I think we will see a completely different State Democratic Party in the near future. A true Blue state.

  14. Anyone know who the “Young Democrats” are? Who voted and when did the vote take place? Would those voting be the half dozen who sit at the state Dem Party front table? Was there another candidate in the race, or just Groen? Just asking.

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