PA1: Congressional Leadership Fund 1st Ad Hits Wallace on Tax Lien

Attacks on tax.

This morning, the Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, released its first in the race for the 1st Congressional District attacking Democratic candidate, Scott Wallace on being hit with a $70,000 tax lien.

“Wallace was hit with a seventy-thousand-dollar lien for unpaid taxes,” the ad states. “But now Wallace wants to go to Congress to raise our taxes. Delinquent taxes for him. Higher taxes for us.”

The 30 second television advertisement which will run in the Philadelphia media market. Titled “Rich,” it emphasizes Wallace’s financial status and calls him a, “trust fund baby, tax dodger and hypocrite.”

“Brian Fitzpatrick and his allies are taking one clerical mistake and distorting it,” said Zoë Wilson-Meyer, communications director for Wallace for Congress. “Scott Wallace has paid all his taxes in full, period. The incident was a clerical mix-up. When he found out he owed more in taxes, he paid them in full.”

The CLF also opened a field office in September 2017, in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, which includes a full-time staffer and hundreds of interns and volunteers to target voters through phone banking and canvassing.

“Scott Wallace is out of touch with Pennsylvanians,” said Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman. “While hardworking Pennsylvania families paid their taxes on time, trust fund baby Scott Wallace repeatedly dodged U.S. taxes resulting in a $70,000 lien. Now Wallace wants to go to Congress to raise taxes on hardworking Pennsylvania families. They deserve better than a hypocrite like Scott Wallace.”

The Wallace campaign said it released its its own ad yesterday, its first of the general election. They fired back at Fitzpatrick for voting in support of President Trump’s tax reform bill.

“It’s Brian Fitzpatrick we can’t trust on taxes – he voted for the new tax law that gave 83% of the benefits to the wealthiest Americans, increasing our deficit by $1.9 trillion and to pay for it, a plan for deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security.”

In part of the Wallace campaign defense against this ad, they cited a New York Times report released yesterday about a former C.I.A. officer running for Congress as a Democrat in Virginia accusing the CLF of improperly obtaining her entire federal security clearance application and using it for political purposes.

“Brian Fitzpatrick is being propped up by CLF, a super PAC that illegally obtained documents relating to a former CIA agent’s security clearance to use for political smears,” Wilson-Meyer said. “Fitzpatrick consistently touts his career in the intelligence community and he should disavow CLF’s support – unless he puts his own political career ahead of our intelligence community and our country.”

Update: The CLF responded to the NYT piece here.

This piece has been corrected to note that the CLF field office opened in September 2017.

4 Responses

  1. TRUST FUND BABY…. TAX DODGER…. HYPOCRITE… Change TAX DODGER to TAX & DRAFT DODGER and that commercial fits Trump to a T.

  2. CLF appears to be following the standard rightwing attack-dog tricksterism of the Trump Era: Roger Stone/Lee Atwater-style grand lies, taking advantage of the profound lack of morality in the GOP-led government, choosing smears over accomplishments, lies over values, conjecture over reality.
    It’s okay, though.
    It takes about 10 seconds of Google research to figure out what sort of wave is now towering over Trumpism, and it’s just 2 more months until that wave knocks down the house of cards that the GOP has built on the sands of gullibility. See you at the voting booth.

  3. I saw CLF is making racist attacks on a candidate in Virginia. I guess they can publicly disavow Southern Strategy, but it is alive and well in the Republican Party. Considering there are actual white nationalists on the ballot with an R next to their names in 2018, this really shouldn’t be surprising.

    1. What does this have to do with this ad or the PA1 race? If you want to talk racism, Wallace is the individual with an anti-jewish past. This was a good ad by CLF. Wallace is nothing but a trust fund baby all grown up. He probably won’t want to run for Congress when he finds out that he can’t just mail in his votes from another continent.

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