PA1: Finello Ad Links Fitzpatrick To Trump On Healthcare and Tax Reform

Mirroring the message of Democrats running against Republicans in suburban districts across the country, Christina Finello and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new television ad ties Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) to President Donald Trump’s agenda. 

The beginning of the 30 second spot, “Real Change,” features a voiceover that asks the audience “how did we get here” with images of a closed sign on the front of a business window, followed by a picture of an individual inside an ambulance. 

“Four years of Donald Trump’s agenda, bailouts for big corporations, working to end protections for pre-existing conditions and stripping away healthcare in the middle of a pandemic,” the voiceover says in the ad. 

“One Congressman refused to speak up,” the ad continues. “Brian Fitzpatrick voted with Trump when it mattered most.” 

An image of Fitzpatrick appears on the screen with Trump, citing a vote for H.R. 1, Vote #699 in 2017. 

The final ten seconds of the ad pivots to positive touting Finello being a “working Mom” that would “prioritize healthcare and the middle class” if elected to Congress. While showing Finello on the screen, text on the screen read that she “Opposes Trump’s Agenda,” would “Lower cost of healthcare,” and “Help the Middle Class.”

The Fitzpatrick campaign fired back at the message in the ad, claiming that Finello would not be a bipartisan member of Congress. 

“The only real change Christina Finello wants to see is the complete removal of bipartisanship in Congress, leaving our police without the support they need, having taxpayers pay for her negative campaign advertisements and health insurance while running for Congress, and giving illegal immigrants stimulus checks while American families are struggling to get by,” said Kate Constantini, campaign spokesperson. “Christina only prioritizes herself and her partisan political agenda.”

Fitzpatrick voted for the GOP tax reform bill in 2018, but voted against the GOP bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017. 

This ad strikes a similar message in comparison to the first ad, although the latest spot begins by linking Fitzpatrick to Trump, while her opening ad began positive before shifting to negative

A spokesperson from the Finello campaign said that this current ad is running on broadcast and cable. 

Several ratings outlets currently have the race as Leans Republican.

5 Responses

  1. Fitzpatrick’s so tied to Trump and extreme right-wing Republicans that Karl Rove is his campaign advisor. Rove doesn’t support moderates or Bipartisans. Finello takes NO Corp PAC $ Fitzpatrick takes $ from Energy Transfer Partners & Chevron then voted against pipeline regs. $ from GEO Group, then says no mistreatment in detention camps. Christina worked in fed prison system with violent criminals. Works with Philly Veterans court to help vets. Alpha Bravo to get disabled vets canine companions. She’s spent her career solving problems for people in different situations. Fitzpatrick talks about problems. Heck he even voted against funding for substance abuse treatment programs, while sitting on House committee to combat addiction. We need Finello, not Buypartisan Brian

  2. I have no idea what Fitzpatrick campaign spokesperson Constantini means when she claims taxpayers are paying for Finello’s negative campaign advertisements. That doesn’t make any sense.

    One thing I do know about campaign advertisements is that the National Association of Realtors has paid $650M !!! to support Fitzpatrick in various cable, online and print ad campaigns and push polls just this past month. Fitzpatrick owned by many financial interests.

  3. Trump is unpopular for many reasons. Trump insulted and disrespected soldiers who died defending this country, cheated on his wife AND his taxes, was adulterous with porn stars and Russian prostitutes and incoming wives to be, lied, lied, lied, lied, was a traitor to USA, abandoned Kurdish allies, weakened NATO, gave tax cut to rich friends, disrespected parents of fallen soldier, put kids in cages at the border, etc etc etc

  4. Finello would be committing political malpractice to not link Trump who is extremely unpopular in suburban Bucks County with Fitzpatrick.

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