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PA1: Fitzpatrick Brings In $440K in Q1

If a 2020 bid in PA’s 1st District is anything like the 2018 race, fundraising will be a center of focus in this closely watched swing suburban district.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) filed his first campaign finance report for 2019.

Fitzpatrick’s campaign raised $440,000 from the beginning of 2019 to the end of March, while spending just under $90,000 during this time period.

According to the Morning Call, $150,000 raised this quarter from Fitzpatrick was from “several joint fundraising committees, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “Take Back the House 2020” PAC.”

Fitzpatrick faced a well funded Democratic challenger in Scott Wallace during his previous successful bid for Congress. According to Open Secrets, the race between Wallace and Fitzpatrick was the 7th most expensive Congressional race in the country, with $18 million total raised between both candidates. This was the most expensive race Congressional race in the state last cycle.

Fitzpatrick entered April with just under $470,000 cash on hand.

This campaign finance report is comparable to Fitzpatrick’s 1st quarter numbers in 2017, when he was fresh off of winning his first Congressional race.

In 2017’s April filing, Fitzpatrick raised close to $430,000, while bringing in over $460,000 of cash on hand into the 2nd quarter.

Fitzpatrick is one of three Pennsylvania Republicans being targeted by the DCCC’s initial 2020 list, along with Reps. Mike Kelly (R-Butler) and Scott Perry (R-York).

3 Responses

  1. This is a clear example of why this country is so screwed. Members of Congress aren’t individuals elected and funded by voters in their districts, they are members of organized criminal syndicates. The Republican, Conservative, Radical Right Mafia vs the Democratic, Liberal, Lefty Mafia. We need comprehensive campaign finance reform that forbids the parties from raising group cash. Put it back to individual candidates, campaigning in their home districts, raising money from the people they represent OR BETTER YET, take the money out of it all together. You get so much TV and Ad time to make your case, all candidates get equal time and print space, work your arse door to door in your district. PROBLEM SOLVED – SWAMP IS DRAINED.

  2. How Dems lost this seat in 2018 is one of life’s great mysteries. Bucks is going more Dem by the cycle yet Dem’s lose to Tomlinson and Fitzpatrick. Go figure!

    1. The reason Fitzpatrick held on was that the Democrats nominated what used to be called a “limousine liberal” as their candidate in Wallace. He didn’t fit the district at all and to top it off through his foundation was clearly anti-Israel and many Jewish voters split their tickets for Fitzpatrick. It was just enough for him to hold on and I suspect it was Fitzpatrick’s toughest race. It will be easier for him in 2020 unless the Democrats put up a near perfect candidate.

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