PA1: Wallace Continues Massive Self-Funding, Fitzpatrick Slightly Behind with Cash on Hand at end of Q3

An expensive race.

According to the FEC, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st district, Scott Wallace loaned his campaign $4M in the October quarterly report. In the previous filing period, Wallace loaned his campaign slightly over $4.8M, although most of that was loaned before his primary victory of Rachel Reddick. In the election cycle-to-date, the Democrat has loaned his campaign $8.8M.  

According to the FEC, incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) raised $640,000 from July to the end of September. This is an improvement from the previous filing period, in which he raised $418,000. Fitzpatrick has raised just shy of $3.1M in the election cycle-to-date.

Wallace’s campaign raised just over $430,000 from July to the end of September, but that coupled with his loan, the candidate filed $4.4M for the 3rd quarter. This is not as big of a jump in comparison to Fitzpatrick’s leap from quarter 2 to 3, but is more than the nearly $304,000 he raised in the previous quarter. After self funding, the Democrat has raised $9.8M in the election cycle-to-date.  

The Intelligencer reports that this race is on track to break spending records.

Wallace’s campaign spent $4.7M from July to the end of September, while Fitzpatrick’s campaign spent close to $1.1M. In the election cycle-to-date, Wallace has spent slightly under $8.4M. Fitzpatrick’s campaign has spent slightly more than $2M in the election cycle-to-date.

The margins are much more slim when the candidates compare cash on hand in the most recent filing report. Entering the beginning of October, Wallace brought in $1.4M cash on hand, while Fitzpatrick holds $1.2M cash on hand.

FiveThirtyEight currently has this pegged as the closest race in Pennsylvania, designating it as a Toss-Up.

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10 thoughts on “PA1: Wallace Continues Massive Self-Funding, Fitzpatrick Slightly Behind with Cash on Hand at end of Q3”

  1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    FITZPATRICK BY A DOZEN. Really man? 8milly out of pocket for a Congressional seat and he does nothing with that money worth a damn. The man is lost. Socialism doesn’t sell in Bucks County fwend.

    1. EvilLouBarlettaX says:

      Go back to mommy’s basement!!!!!

  2. Matt S says:

    Democrats: Against money in politics unless its your own. Wacky Wallace thinks he can buy this race.

    1. Isaac L. says:

      Someone who self-funds isn’t getting money from outside groups to influence their votes. Wasn’t that the big argument for Trump: “he can’t be bought!”? I heard that all the time from credulous Trump fans. Of course, the difference here is Wallace is actually self-funding, whereas Trump only pretended to.

  3. Political Consultant says:

    Secret to Wallace’s success: run that cardboard cutout ad of Fitzpatrick and Trump. Then watch your numbers come in making you Congressman. It’s that simple.

  4. Sean Ryan says:

    Wallace dropped the F Bomb in a synagogue during a debate. Nothing regarding that thou.

    Fitzpatrick by 15

    1. KDav says:

      Why not make it 30?

      1. Porter Randolph says:

        Maybe he’ll get 99.9% Russian hacked style. That’s what Sean prefers anyway.

    2. Mark Bommaker says:

      Haaa, Sean Ryan the idiot soothsayer….

      If Fitzpatrick wins by 15, I’ll eat my shoe.

      1. Seth Bullock says:

        Sole food?

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