PA10: Perry Closes With Massive Broadside Against Scott

An image used at the end of Rep. Scott Perry’s (R-York) last ad grabbed headlines and elicited a powerful response from the Democrat George Scott’s campaign.

The incumbent Republican Congressman has often hit Scott on healthcare issues, attempting to tie him in with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and “socialized medicine” in the United Kingdom. The spot ends with a 29-year old picture of Scott, then a captain in the U.S. Army, pointing a gun at what appeared to be the head of a captive.

The ad begins by asking, “What do we really know about George Scott?” followed by connecting Scott to Pelosi and “radical socialized medicine.”

The ad concludes with the image in question and reiterating, “But how well do we really know George Scott? Clearly not well at all.”

PennLive reported that the “captive,” portraying dictator Manuel Noriega wearing a Panamanian forces hat, was former first sergeant in the U.S. Army Yancy Stermer. Stermer said it was a joke, that the image was part of a videotape being sent to their families back at Fort Bragg, during a “lighthearted time” when “everybody was in good spirits.” The Scott campaign says the gun was unloaded.

Scott Campaign Manager Jason O’Malley blasted Perry for this image.

“This is a calculated misrepresentation of George Scott in an 11th-hour desperate attempt to invoke fear and doubt amongst voters. It is disgraceful that Scott Perry claims this doctored photo contributes to veteran suicide, and that a military officer would politicize the suicide of our soldiers,” O’Malley said. “Scott Perry is nothing more than a fear-mongering obstructionist with a well-documented criminal history for polluting our environment and community with dangerous chemicals.”

The Scott campaign believes the photo is “doctored” because of the black circle over the face of Stermer, who they say has no problem being identified. The Scott campaign says the photo shows Stermer “clearly smiling” while portraying Noriega.

The Perry campaign defended their use of the image in the ad, which they say is “very disturbing.”

“The picture in question is a very disturbing and reckless image of George Scott pointing a gun at someone’s head,” said Brian Nutt, Perry campaign spokesman. “Despite the Scott campaign’s nonchalant attitude towards the picture, voters need to know the truth about who George Scott really is.”

Other GOP officials in the district followed up their support for the image used in the ad in a PennLive story as well, stating the image shows just, “how different they are.”

The newly drawn 10th district went to President Trump by close to 10 points.

This morning, the Cook Political Report moved the race from Leans Republican to Toss Up.

FiveThirtyEight currently has the race listed as the second closest Congressional matchup in the state and as Leans Republican.

13 Responses

  1. this old picture matters because past behavior matters but Bret Kavanaugh’s past behavior doesn’t? Just trying to figure it all out.

    1. Dilbert! Don’t you know that the same rules don’t apply to Democrats!? If you ask me, we should take guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and those who can’t properly handle a weapon. Obviously, that includes George Scott’s crazy ass.

  2. Wow. This will change somewhere between zero and no votes. Kinda like the equally pathetic “Jess King and Nancy Pelosi want to addict you to heroin” craziness, out of the equally desperate Schmucker camp. Who dreams up this stuff? I hope they aren’t well paid.

  3. Former Republican state senator Vance and former state rep Nichols have endorsed George Scott. You’re not wanted or respected, Mr. Perry.. You are no Goodling or Platts. You only represent the Freedom Caucus… Not central PA.

  4. Note: the Hammer is Cocked, the Safety Bar is Down, his finger is on the trigger, anyone familiar with the Berreta Mod. 92 DA/SA, knows, that weapon is most likely chambered, Cocked and locked, the image speaks for itself.

      1. Sir, I have no stake in this election, however, the picture is disturbing for this reason, for a Berretta Mod. 92 DA/SA, to be in status of , 1. hammer cocked, 2. Safety bar down, i.e. safety on, the weapon is charged and in battery ie, he’s holding a loaded, chambered and cocked pistol to a subordinates head. Yes, the safety is on, however, it’s just straight up insane, and very disturbing, I apologize if my words disturb you, Godspeed.

    1. A photo like this should be a wet dream to you fanatical 2nd amendment drooling heathens.

      1. Beter a heathen, then a blithering idiot. First thing you are taught in the military and any firearms course, is never point a gun at something unless your intention is to destroy it. The picture shows how stupid he is. BTW, remember this you drooling moron, the 2nd Amendment protects the first.

  5. Perry is desperate. George Scott has outworked, outraised and outclassed him. Perry looks annoyed to even have opposition. He’s an embarrassment as a Congressman.

  6. Perry tries to instill fear into the race. He’s definitely a Trump clone an won’t get my vote because of this and his attempt to impeach Rod Rosenstein.he also refuses to publically meet constttuents in town hall stings, except phoney Facebook.

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