PA11 Candidate Forum Cancelled Due to “Unforeseeable” Views of Candidates

The Dauphin County Council of Republican Women announced they are cancelling the candidate’s forum after Andrew Lewis withdrew his RSVP because of the invitation of Sean Donahue to the event.

“Due to the unforeseeable actions and views of a few candidates, the Council has determined that the forum can not safely and appropriately take place as originally scheduled,” the council wrote in a statement to PoliticsPA.  

“It is regrettable that the actions and views of a few have denied the remaining candidates a forum to meet with voters to share their message and candidacy.”

On Tuesday, Lewis announced he would not be attending the event over the invitation over the invitation of Donahue.  

“It has come to my attention that the DCCRW has invited Sean Donahue, an individual who holds anti-Semitic, pro-segregationist, and white-supremacist views and values to speak alongside other candidates at a Republican candidate forum this upcoming Saturday,” Lewis said.

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  1. Forums are supposed to let the public know more about the candidates.
    Its more Nazi like to say we are only go to have forums with candidates we like than whatever Donohue is spouting off.

    Bottom line: Lewis is afraid of a debate and played the woman’s group.

    1. Oh yes, I am sure a combat vet is trembling at the horrific thought of debating a skinhead (Sarcasm font).

  2. In other words, if we can’t invite the Nazi, then we’re taking our ball and going home? This looks way worse than just uninviting the Nazi. I actually feel embarrassed for them.

  3. Thanks to Andrew Lewis and his immaturity and incompetence, instead of sitting down and having a mature discussion with the DCCRW, he went straight to the media to seek attention!!! He’s proving he is incapabale of working with his constituents. Thanks to Andrew Lewis for having a forum, a great expression of our democratic process, cancelled, for his own personal gain.

    1. Totally agree! To put his five minutes of fame over the safety and security of the women of the DCCRW was immature and even dangerous. Lewis first move should have been to have a simple discussion with the women and they would have fixed this for sure, as NO WAY they knew the background of Donahue. Instead, Andrew’s first move was to have a temper tantrum in the press and on social media, no thought of the consequences, no concern that he was unfairly painting the DCCRW as racists and potentially putting them in harm’s way in a time of racial tension.

      1. If they didn’t know the background of this candidate, how did they get his contact information to invite him? Just one visit on his website or facebook clearly shows what he is. Unless they can’t read or don’t care.

        Everyone attacking Andrew for this are just skirting the fact that they are cool with the nazi racist participating in a Republican forum. Defending him and the DCCRW for not being responsible for their own actions – That is immature and that above all else is more dangerous to our society and to our party.

        Just leave the GOP and go join David Duke and the White Supremacists already, geez.

        The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. We are lucky, Andrew is one of those good men.

      2. also: don’t want to be treated like a racist, don’t be a racist. It’s pretty simple. Maybe not for you @WomensMarch but it is.

        1. DilPickles…. no one is ‘skirting the fact’ that they are cool with nazi’s or racists. they are simply calling his child-like behavior out for what it is. If Mr. Lewis truly cared about this, he would have had a discussion with the GOP women, instead of using this as an opportunity to get his name in the media.

          He and his cronies must not have thought about how this could affect a group of dedicated and well-intended volunteers who spent their time and talent putting this together. What if they had decided to go on with the forum, and had violent protestors show up? Whether to protest that Sean was invited or excluded?

          Obviously, he was doing this because he needed his name in the media because he’s losing. What a shame.

          1. LOL!! Whatever helps you sleep at night. I’d rather be protested by Nazi sympathizers for exclusion than dip my toe on the wrong side of history.

            Enjoy Dante’s 8th circle when you get there with the rest of the panderers.

  4. More accurately, “We either did not do our due diligence when inviting legitimate candidates to our forum or we agree that Mr. Donahue should have a platform in the Republican party. Either way we were held accountable and now are forced to pull our event or risk further blow back.”

    Hey whatever works to make sure this ignorant pantywaist filth gets any attention.

  5. Why not just uninvite the inbred Nazi and let the normal people debate? At any rate, bravo once again to candidate Lewis for his courage and principle in bringing this to light. Imagine if a respectable organization had missed this and given this hateful idiot a legitimate forum.

  6. How could someone that agrees with Trump, be excluded by the Republican party? Get ready Muesser, you will be required to defend Trump, the neo-fascists, and the KKK, every day.

  7. really? did they? are you apart of their group, did you sit in on their proceedings and were privy to that information? yea o k … i thought so

  8. What was unforeseen about this? The DCCRW knew how batshit insane Donahue was before they invited him.

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