PA13: Joyce 1st Ad Touts Trump Endorsement

In his words.

This week, GOP candidate for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional district, Dr. John Joyce released his first television ad of the general election cycle. The 15 second ad, “Terrific” uses President Donald Trump’s words at a rally boasting about the economy and stating his endorsement for Joyce.

“Our economy is soaring, our jobs are booming,” Trump says at the PA rally used for the ad. “We are respected again.”



“Dr. Joyce has stated from the very beginning that he will stand with Donald Trump,” said Adam Breneman, Campaign Manager for Joyce. “Now with President Trump’s endorsement, John Joyce will be a strong ally to the President in Congress and will always put the people of PA-13 first.”

Joyce’s full name is said by Trump in the ad while talking about “terrific” Republican candidates.  

Joyce is going up against Democrat Brent Ottaway for the newly drawn 13th District open seat. Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Bedford) announced he was not seeking reelection earlier this year.  

The newly drawn boundaries for the district went to Trump by over 45 points in 2016.

The Ottaway campaign did not immediately respond for comment to the story,

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2 thoughts on “PA13: Joyce 1st Ad Touts Trump Endorsement”

  1. Shelley Eppard says:

    John Joyce is Bill Shuster’s campaign manager’s father.

    The swamp won’t be getting drained anytime soon.

  2. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

    I wouldn’t want to see what that guy has stashed away in a storage unit 5 towns over from his house under a fake name.

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