PA16: Kelly’s First Ad Boasts Support for Seniors

A trend?

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Butler) released his first ad of the general election cycle. It focuses on Medicare and Social Security.

“I’ve seen how your hard work has built our community,” Kelly says in the 30 second spot, showing him sitting with senior citizens. “It was promised to you that when you were done working you’d be taken care of. That’s why I fought to protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security.”

It’s clear the subject has some punch: this is the third Medicare-themed ad to debut in Pennsylvania this week. Rep. Keith Rothfus launched an ad similar to Kelly’s (both men share some polling firms, including the Tarrance Group which also reps the NRCC).

Bob Casey’s first attack ad of the cycle underscores why both incumbents want to reach seniors early: the Senator blasted challenger Rep. Lou Barletta over a 2011 vote that would have restructured Medicare. Democrats have hammered that vote in ads since the 2012 cycle, part of a broader effort to paint Republicans as unfriendly to senior benefits. (Rothfus entered the House in 2013).

In a press release, Kelly’s campaign stated that they were “taking nothing for granted” by releasing this ad and boasted about his position of the House Ways & Means Committee to “defend seniors and improve health care.”

The release also detailed his role as a member of the Health Subcommittee and Social Security Subcommittee, the first which oversees Medicare, listing awards received this year such as as “Distinguished Community Health Defender, Champion of Healthy Seniors, and Champion of Healthcare Innovation”.

His Democratic opponent, Ron DiNicola, did not immediately respond for comment.

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6 thoughts on “PA16: Kelly’s First Ad Boasts Support for Seniors”

  1. Dotard says:

    Mike needs to back off on the plastic surgery. No one’s face looks like that naturally. He can’t even close his mouth because his face is stretched so tight. Between his face and Lou Barletta’s fake teeth coming from everywhere this election season will be painful to watch.

    1. Herbie says:

      Exactly my thoughts. And here is one more: his fake face portrays his fake politics perfectly!

  2. Bono says:

    Hypocrite Mike Kelly. How many times has he voted to privatize social security and Medicare?

  3. Montco Resident says:

    The fact that these guys can’t run on the tax law is amazing.

    1. StevenTodd says:

      Because it hurts most voters, and the GOP knows that most voters know that.

      1. Barry Bones says:

        Fake News from Fake fmr DEP hack S Todd. Can you say how the tax cuts hurt most voters? Or you just mad bro?

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