PA17: Lamb Ends Q3 with Nearly Double Cash on Hand Than Rothfus

They both spent it, but the Democrat in the race for Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District has more entering the final stretch.

Reps. Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny) and Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny) spent nearly the same amount of money from mid July to the end of September, while Lamb brought in significantly more money during this period and entered October with a cash on hand advantage as well.

Lamb raised nearly $1.2M during the October quarterly report, while the Rothfus campaign brought in close to $760,000 during this time period. During the previous quarter, Lamb only outraised Rothfus by $120,000. The Republican candidate has raised close to $2.8M in the election cycle-to-date, while Lamb has raised just over $2.2M.

In the July quarterly report, Lamb outspent Rothfus nearly 3 to 1, with the Democrat spending $332,000 to the Republican’s $121,000.

This quarter saw a notable uptick in spending by both candidates. Lamb spent $2.4M from mid July to the end of September, while Rothus spent nearly $2.35M during this time period. The Democrat has also spent more than the Republican candidate in the cycle-to-date category with Lamb spending $3.1M entering October, with Rothfus spending nearly $3M during that same period.

Both candidates entered the 3Q with over $2M cash on hand, but the amount of spending has left Lamb with a cash advantage entering October.

Lamb goes into the final weeks of the campaign with $880,000 cash on hand, while Rothfus has $480,000.

Lamb and Rothfus are set to have their second televised debate tonight on WTAE.

FiveThirtyEight has the race listed as “Likely Democratic.”

3 Responses

  1. Lamb is a good politician and has good political wisdom. This is something Scott Wagner could learn because even though Lamb is generations younger in terms of political sophistication Lamb is much smarter. While Wagner was writing checks to political consultants and then undermining their guidance in his campaign with Wagner’s many gaffes–Lamb had little room to spare because of the political make-up of his district. Time and again Lamb “threaded the needle” with savy political moves and has run a flawless campaign. Scott Wagner could learn a lot from Conor Lamb.

    1. Wagner should really get back to the basics and focus on the fundamentals, like anger management therapy and how to behave around other people.

  2. All of Lamb’s money comes from individual donors unlike Rothfus who accepts Outside money from SUPER PACs. It’s all over Keith. Your mean votes, membership in the Freedom Caucus aka Tea Party have come back to haunt you.

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