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PA7: Wild Raises $1.3M, Nothstein $325,000 in 3Q

Raising it and spending it.

In the October filing FEC report, 7th Congressional District Democratic candidate Susan Wild outraised Republican candidate Marty Nothstein $1.3M to his $325,000.

Wild held a significant fundraising advantage in the previous quarter as well, bringing in over $810,000 from late April to the end of June, while Nothstein raised $220,000.

Nothstein’s campaign labeled the donations as a sign that Wild is beholden to the far left wing of the Democratic party and has put the seat “up for auction.”

“Susan Wild’s recent fundraising success clearly establishes her as the candidate who has put an entire congressional district up for auction to out-of-town bidders,” said Dennis Roddy, campaign spokesman. “Whether it is Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, Kirsten Gillibrand in New York, or one of the oily creatures from the Beltway lagoon, Susan is now in their debt and ready to do their bidding. Marty remains the independent voice for the 7th District.”

The Wild campaign did not immediately respond for comment.

Wild’s campaign has raised $2.4M in the election cycle-to-date, while Nothstein’s has brought in close to $860,000.

From July to the end of September, Wild made a significant increase in money spent. The Democrat’s campaign spent $1.16M during this time period, while Nothstein spent close to $215,000. In the election cycle-to-date, Wild’s campaign has spent close to three times the amount as her Republican opponent. Wild has spent $1.56M in the election cycle-to-date and Nothstein has spent slightly less than $570,000 in the election cycle-to-date.  

By the time the most recent filing period concluded, Wild’s campaign had slightly over $870,000 cash on hand going into October, while Nothstein’s campaign brought in close to $290,000.

Libertarian candidate, Tim Silfies raised just shy of $8,000 during the most recent filing period, while in the election cycle-to-date he’s raised just over $48,000. Silfies entered October with close to $39,000.

FiveThirtyEight currently has the race listed as Likely Democratic.

6 Responses

  1. Doesn’t raising so much capital go against Susan Wild’s socialist values? Shouldn’t she want to get all of her campaign dollars from the nation state? Not only is she a crook who helped Mayor Pauscumbag, but she is a hypocrite.

    Same dirtball PACs behind her as Shady Katie McGinty: EMILYs List. Late term abortions are on the menu if this woman wins.

    1. Aww, the poor GOP candidate who gets out raised & out spent by someone who can’t tap into the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson for help. Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the only ones who get big bucks? So sad that reality intrudes.

    2. Nutjobs using “socialist” as an epithet to describe any Democrat to the left of Reagan is a major factor in why so many people seem to be cool with socialism these days. It’s backfired spectacularly. Perhaps save the “socialist” moniker for people who actually believe the state should own the means of production, and we can limit “fascist” to racist, anti-liberal, ultra-nationalists who would prefer a one-party state.

      1. Let’s see in-state versus out of state money. Where Wild Susan gets 90% of her donations through ActBlue from out of state donors? Crickets?

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