PA8: Biden Endorses Cartwright

The Democratic presidential nominee weighs into the congressional race in his childhood district. 

On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden announced his endorsement for Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) in his reelection bid against GOP challenger Jim Bognet, a former Trump administration appointee. Biden, a Scranton native, said that Cartwright represents the values of the district. 

“I know Matt Cartwright represents the values of the hardworking people of Northeastern Pennsylvania – Scranton values,” Biden said in a statement. 

“He is the kind of leader and ally we need to keep in Congress if we’re going to beat this virus and build back better in a way that all Americans can share in the prosperity of a more inclusive American economy.”

Cartwright responded by saying he’s proud to call Biden a “friend,” and said he looks forward to working with him to “lower health care costs, rebuild our infrastructure, and bring manufacturing jobs back to America.” 

Bognet’s campaign responded to the endorsement by saying both are out of touch with the values of the district and claimed that Biden doesn’t know who Cartwright is. 

“Matt Cartwright makes sleepy Joe Biden look like Captain Charisma,” said  Bognet Campaign Spokesman Ian Prior. “Joe and Matt are anti-police, anti-franking, anti-coal, anti-jobs and pro-China.” 

“They both supported impeaching President Trump for purely political purposes, fly around in private jets, and pretend to be from Scranton,” Prior continued. “At least, that’s why we think Joe Biden has endorsed Matt Cartwright; we’re not so sure Joe Biden knows what day it is or who Cartwright is.”

Cartwright was one of three Pennsylvania Congressmen to pledge support for Biden’s presidential campaign the day he formally entered the race in April 2019. Biden has also campaigned on behalf of Cartwright’s previous bids for Congress. 

Earlier this month, Biden also endorsed the bids of Eugene DePasquale, Christina Finello and Rep. Susan Wild (D-Lehigh). 

Both Biden and President Donald Trump have delivered endorsements in this race this month. On September 10, Trump tweeted out his endorsement for Bognet, describing the GOP challenger as “Tough on Immigration and Crime, Strong on Jobs, our Militar, Vets, and the Second Amendment.”

There has been no public polling of the race in the 8th Congressional District, but the northeast Pennsylvania district has emerged as a key battleground for securing Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. 

Cartwright is currently serving his fourth term in Congress, most recently besting Republican John Chrin by just over 9 points. In 2016, Trump carried these boundaries by close to 10 points, while Cartwright fended off Republican Matt Connolly by a 7.6 point margin.

Three national ratings outlets have the race leaning in Cartwright’s favor. Inside Elections lists the race in PA8 as Likely Democratic, while Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball and the Cook Political Report have it as Leans Democratic.

14 Responses

    1. Bognet isn’t even liked by 1/2 of his fake hometown of Hazleton because he abandoned them the last 20 years now expects them to help elect him. Maybe the rigged ballot problem in Luzerne that helped him in the primary will help him in the general. Doubtful.

  1. You can always spot a Trump tweet made by his staff (not all caps, punctuation, mixed case, correct spellings, etc).

    Trump has NO F*KCING IDEA who Bognet is. If Bognet walked up to his table, Trump would ask him to take away his plate and bring him some ice cream.

  2. Bognet seems to be running to get his name out there because the gimmick of running an ad in Portland and the overall tone is not terribly focused. Cartwright will win by 10%.

    1. Cartwright will win by 18. Bognet is getting destroyed by that television ad that he was caught lying and doctoring audio tape. Plus half the Republicans in the 8th hate Bognet.

      1. I’m writing in Teddy Daniels because the swamp rigged the Republican primary with Bognet mail in ballots. Bognet and Cartwright both drink kids blood aka adrenochrome.

        p.s. RBG’s body was on ice and they just released that she was dead to try and turnout the democrat base to defeat the Messiah.

    1. I think somebody unethical like you that steals names to post fake statements under is a bigger pile of shit.

      1. You name stealer unethical piece of shit, stop stealing my name and posting fake statements. You know I love Trump!

          1. I would give Trump a BJ. He gave me a hug at his town hall in Scranton last year and I haven’t showered since!

          2. When I masturbate, I like to think of Matt Cartwright and his hearing aids. He has very poor hearing and often speaks like a fucking retard. But when I think of him voting with Pelosi, it make the cum fall out of my pee pee hole.

            I’d also like to add that there are a plethora of children in tunnels in Scranton that Jimmy Bognet has out there. He stole the election from Teddy Daniels and celebrated by fucking and eating fifteen children.

            P.S. Q is real

            P.S.S. Chris Ferro is a fat fucking faggot who fingers himself to Matt Cartwright while I watch.

            Have a good night.

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