PA8: Cartwright Agrees to Additional Debates

More debates in PA-8.

Democratic incumbent Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) agreed to more debates against GOP challenger John Chrin (R-Skytop), although specifics still need to be finalized.

According to Citizens Voice, the only debate previously agreed upon by both candidates is set for Oct 29 in Luzerne County, sponsored by WVIA-TV. Chrin’s campaign pushed for debates in each of the five counties in the 8th district.

Cartwright announced via Facebook on Aug 30 his commitment to additional debates, but included guidelines of his own.



“I’ve never been the kind of Congressman who shies away from my constituents and I’m not going to start now,” Cartwright states in the Facebook post.

Cartwright requested the topics include, “Social Security/Medicare, Infrastructure spending and jobs, Regulating Wall Street and corporate power, and Affordable health care for all Americans.”

“Congressman Cartwright issued a bold challenge to debate deeply on several topics that matter to people in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Mike Szustak, campaign spokesman. “We look forward our opponent’s response to this request.”

The Chrin campaign responded via press release later that day accepting these topics.

“I am pleased that Matt Cartwright has accepted my invitation to these additional debates,” Chrin’s press release stated. “Social Security and Medicare, infrastructure, bringing more jobs and economic prosperity to our region, job-killing regulations, and affordable healthcare, are all important issues that should be discussed.”

One of Cartwright’s requests was that the debates be hosted by a “non-partisan organization and moderated by experts on these topics,” which the Chrin campaign agreed upon.

The Cartwright and Chrin campaigns are working on the dates and locations of these additional debates.

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4 thoughts on “PA8: Cartwright Agrees to Additional Debates”

  1. Isaac L. says:

    Cartwright’s positions are all popular with the public, and Chrin is largely untested. Cartwright is also a seasoned debater with a good head for policy. There seem to be few downsides to this.

  2. CartWORDS says:

    Such a load. All words. Game being played by Cartwright. He will stall, claiming there isn’t a neutral outlet to host (rubbish) and then will say ‘sorry took too long to find anyone, calendar’s full.’ There will only be one debate.

  3. Anon says:

    Is Cartwright in trouble?

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