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PA8: Daniels Meets with Trump

It’s unclear who Donald Trump will back in the GOP race for Congress in Northeast Pa., if anyone, but the former President met with one candidate this week. 

Teddy Daniels, a wounded Army combat veteran who finished 2nd in the crowded GOP primary for the 8th District in 2020, sent out a tweet and fundraising email announcing that he met with Trump earlier that afternoon at Trump National Golf Course. 

“Great afternoon with President Trump and Congressman Jody Hice, Chair of the House Freedom Caucus at Trump National Golf Course. Had a great talk with President Trump. Was nice meeting Ivanka Trump, too. @JodyHice @IvankaTrump @DanScavino,” Daniels wrote in a tweet on Tuesday evening. 

Daniels didn’t respond to PoliticsPA’s request for comment about seeking additional information about the visit. 

On his campaign website, Daniels describes himself as a “Pro-Trump America First Combat Veteran Who Won’t Back Down.”

Daniels has been endorsed by Treasurer Stacy Garrity, state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin), Kimberly Klacik, a former GOP Congressional candidate in Maryland’s 7th District, former state Senate and state Rep. candidate Frank Scavo, Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC), and more.

So far Daniels is currently the lone GOP candidate to file for the 8th Congressional District against Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna), although it’s unlikely he will have a clear path to the nomination. 

Jim Bognet, a former Trump administration appointee who lost to Cartwright for the 8th Congressional District by 3.6 points in 2020, told Breitbart this month that he’s “strongly, strongly considering” challenging Cartwright again. 

Cartwright is one of three Pennsylvania Democrats included on the NRCC’s initial 2022 target list

Cartwright earned his fifth term in Congress in 2020, while Trump bested Joe Biden by just under 4.5 points in the NEPA seat. Cartwright is the lone Pa. Democrat in the state to represent a district Trump won last year.

However, Pennsylvania will lose a seat after redistricting, making it difficult for any challenger and incumbent to accurately size up their 2022 prospects.

16 Responses

  1. Like all fads “Trumpers” will slowly fade away. Yes, there are Trump Republicans in the 8th but there are also solid Dem voters too who will negate the “Trumpers.” There is no doubt “Trumpdum” will fade but it will be a slow fade.

    1. Cartwright is more vulnerable in a first term midterm with a Dem President. Lackawanna democrats will fall in line as they always do, but Luzerne + Lackawanna are both seeing registration trends strongly in the gop favor

  2. Teddy is very well spoken and has an appeal to the working class that populate the Wyoming Valley. In a general he would easily poach the union laborers that voted for Trump. He’s the candidate best suited to emulate how Trump carried the district.

  3. Wasn’t Daniels at the Storming of the Capitol? He had pics on social media I thought.

    1. If he went in the Capitol he would’ve been charged months ago. Probably squeaky clean in that regard.

  4. Hope Ted told Trump that Barletta is a tool. Barletta interfered in the last congressional race, backing one of Daniels opponents Bognet in a primary when Barletta said he wouldn’t interfere. That led to Ted not being the R nominee and Barletta’s backed guy getting crushed in the general. Barletta cost the Rs that seat. Payback in the gov race will suck for Lou

  5. Gotta laugh when this guy makes fat Trump look small physically. Not hard to make Trump small mentally.

  6. Jim Bognet will win the primary. The amount of funding he’s getting from Comet Pizza will put him over the top.

  7. Jim Bognet? The guy that Trump outperformed by 8 points? The guy that worked for Mitt Romney? That guy? Bognet couldn’t win with Trump at the top of the ballot. Arrogant man. No thank you.

    1. I secretly love dick so I’m supporting Jim. He’s the only guy that can beat Cartwright. #BottomsForBognet

  8. Teddy is a bit rough around the edges but he isn’t a nepotism bred, corruption baby like what is normally in PA politics. You know he isn’t backed by the power brokers in the party. That’s a good thing.

    1. I can’t imagine the swamp would succeed in strong-arming him to kiss the ring. Guy survived a firefight in Afghanistan.

      1. Daniels boasts about his service in combat . Lots of bros have been in firefights. Brags and acts like he’s Audie Murphy. Puts videos of his firefight on social media. It wasn’t Tet.
        This joker acts like he’s only guy whose been in the shit. Ego bigger than he is

    1. It’s a Republican primary first. Hard to see anybody going up against Daniels after that photo op

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