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PA8: Decorated War Veteran Launches Bid Against Cartwright

A third Republican joins the race for the Trump friendly 8th Congressional district represented by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna). 

Earl Granville, a decorated war veteran and Veterans’ advocate, announced his candidacy last Thursday for the seat in Northeast Pennsylvania. 

In a video announcement, he details his military service beginning in 2001 when he joined the Pennsylvania National Guard to serving several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While serving in Afghanistan, Granville suffered severe battlefield wounds and had his left leg amputated. 

“When I lost my leg in Afghanistan, the community here in Northeastern Pennsylvania was so good to me. They helped me move forward, especially when my brother Joe passed away,” Granville said. “And I want to give back. I am so grateful for this community. I’m humbled to be from this area. I’m humbled to have grown up here. And I want to show my gratitude…and that’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Granville adds in the release about his announcement that serving in the Army taught him how to serve the country. 

His video announcement doesn’t delve into his policy positions, but his “Why I’m Running” page of his campaign website touches on several of his campaign priorities.  

“My priorities are clear,” Granville writes on his campaign website. “Help advance the current agenda of putting America First. Protect our borders, while welcoming only those that follow our laws. Make sure every veteran receives the benefits they have been promised. Support our local police and firemen. And keep Iran from ever becoming a nuclear threat.”

In addition to those positions, Granville adds that he supports “healthcare that protects coverage for pre-existing illnesses,” while also keeping families “in charge of their own health decisions” and promised to oppose “government run socialized medicine.” He also said that he will fight against drug companies that “gouge” consumers by “charging unfairly for prescription drugs.”

He also advocates for his belief in term limits on this page of his campaign website

Although he doesn’t address Cartwright by name on the “Why I’m Running” page of his campaign website, he takes veiled shots at the incumbent saying that he plans to do more than “simply following orders from Nancy Pelosi and fighting for her radical political agenda,” while also criticizing those who support impeachment. 

At the time of Granville’s entrance into the race, Cartwright was undecided on the issue of impeachment, but the incumbent penned an op-ed for USA Today on Monday morning announcing his support for impeachment saying that he had been “one of the loudest Democratic voices urging restraint” in the impeachment effort, but views Trump’s actions with Ukraine, if true, as “misconduct even worse than that committed by Richard Nixon.” 

In a statement last week from Cartwright’s campaign about Granville’s entrance into the race, he lauded his opponents who have served in the military and hoped the campaign will revolve around issues he believes are most important to the district. 

“I now have two opponents who are combat wounded veterans, Teddy Daniels and Earl Granville. And the first thing that I want to express about both of them is my deep admiration for their service and sacrifice for our nation,” Cartwright said in a statement. “It’s no secret that I’m a fan of veterans and that I have worked hard on their behalf my entire time in the Congress. I was thrilled to be named Pennsylvania’s legislator of the year last year by the PA AMVETS for my work on behalf of veterans.”

The policies that Cartwright said he hopes the campaign will revolve around are affordable healthcare, bringing down the costs of prescription medications, and new investments into the area for better paying jobs. 

Cartwright is currently in his fourth term in Congress representing Northeastern Pennsylvania. He bested self funding GOP businessman, John Chrin, in 2018 by 9 points in the newly drawn congressional boundaries that voted for President Donald Trump by 10 points in 2016.  

Cartwright is one of three Democrats being targeted by the NRCC for 2020 in Pennsylvania. 

Three Republicans thus far have formally announced a bid for the seat. In August, Teddy Daniels, a former police officer and wounded combat Army veteran, was the first Republican to launch a bid for the seat, while Luzerne County Councilman Harry Haas joined the race in October. 

Cartwright is still currently the only Democrat that has filed paperwork to run for this seat in 2020.

15 Responses

  1. To those of you who never wore the cloth of this Country, the uniform of our Nation’s Armed Forces, I have this to say: shame on you for criticizing an American Hero and questioning his ethics for running for office. Whether Cartwright wins re-election is another matter, but for those of you to attempt to do to him what the GOP did to Max Cleland is telling of what your “principles” really are, they mean nothing other than expediency to get another Pelosi vote come January 3, 2021. Nice try.

    One more thing, the Border issue, impacts all Congressional Districts. You are beyond intellectually dishonest.

    1. Intellectually dishonest? Your current Rep can’t make a decision. I cant trust someone who cant come to their own decision unless itll help them in a campaign. Talk about being intellectually challenged and so wrong for their citizens.

  2. We’ve got a problem in this country where these military service veterans are given special treatment as political candidates. Back after WWII, getting these heroes of the Greatest Generation to step up and serve was a plus for the country, including Ike and JFK serving as President. WWII veterans knew who the enemy was. Unfortunately now, the Trump cult has infected even the military. Trump was a coward and would not serve and is weakening our foreign policy with our allies, all while playing the role as Putin’s bitch.

    1. Military aren’t given special treatment. They still have to raise money, meet constituents, and put together campaigns to win. I think people nowadays appreciate those willing to put their lives on the line for country. With so many cowards in Congress, at combat vets have guts. Americans are tired of people who trash military on the internet from the comfort of their mamas basement

  3. Read his Facebook posts, he went from supporting Bernie to running as a Republican? Sounds like an attention seeking media hound to me.

    1. Agreed. Supporting Bernie and then being a Trump supporter seem inconsistent. Social media has it’s good and bad points but that lasting record of Facebook posts can sometimes not be helpful and point out inconsistencies of a candidate.

      1. Im a republican but I might consider voting for Sanders however when someone challenges his standing on issues he reverts back to adolescence remarks. Really? Challenge someone in push ups come on listen to yourself. Everyone can talk the talk but most will never do more than that. Vote on common sense not what party you prefer.

  4. Last time I checked the 8th Congressional District is not bordered by Mexico. This bogus purely patronizingly manipulative argument(border security) insults people’s intelligence. Here’s the drill. Koch money and other funds will come in through various quarters trying to pitch the idea that all heck is braking loose and we need MAGA legislators. Problem is Trump is struggling in Pa and pundits are seeing him lose it. This bodes ill for the “Mini-Me Trumps”–ask Scott Wagner how being a Trump “Mini-Me” worked for him.

  5. CArtwrights district was won by Trump by 10% in 2016. Cartwrights impeachment vote will anger a lot of people in the district. This one is no guarantee for Democrats.

  6. So he’s against government run socialized medicine, but owes his life and rehab care to the government run socialized VA system. Good enough for him but not for us. Just as slick as his roll-out ad.

    1. Strong disagreement. You want better medical cost for prescription drugs its out there most people wont take the jobs to get it. I also go to the VA for medical care, but not always. My insurance covers huge costs for myself and my family. However, i work in one of those jobs most citizens fear. Also you want to lower cost quit re-electing the same people that have never went after big pharm even though every election year they say they will.

  7. Appreciate his sacrifice for our country – but it seems like this might be a waste of money.

    1. I would bet my life on this man and walk through the darkest places on the planet with him. He is the right choice and the only choice that will unite the people WE put into office to actually do their jobs and to quit wasting time and money on things that only tear OUR country apart.

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