PA9: Meuser and Wolff Release 1st TV Ads

The first round is here.

Republican Dan Meuser and Democrat Denny Wolff, candidates for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional district, both have released their first television ads of the general election cycle. Both candidates make the pitch that they know the community’s interests.

Meuser’s 30 second ad, “Our Values” speaks about knowing the community, channeling President Donald Trump by stating to “drain the swamp”, and tying his counterpart to former Democratic Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

“Dan Meuser and his wife raise their family in our local community,” the voiceover says to start the ad. “They share our local our values. And Dan’s a longtime local job creator.”



The latter half of the ad paints his opponent as beholden to progressive politicians.

“Denny Wolff was a political appointee who quickly tried to use his experience to make money lobbying the same government he was sworn to serve,” Meuser for Congress spokeswoman Tiffany Cloud said. “How can we trust a lobbyist and extreme liberal to Drain the Swamp in Washington, when he is part of it?”

The Wolff campaign shot back at Meuser’s claim in his first ad by stating his dissatisfaction with Pelosi and provides a punch of his own.  

“It’s good to see Dishonest Dan has resurfaced using the same old, tired catchphrase that Denny Wolff supports Nancy Pelosi. No matter how many fake hunting scenes you create or how many times you say ‘local’ to hide your New York roots, voters won’t fall for your lies Dan,” said Keith Pemrick, campaign manager for Denny Wolff. “Fortunately, voters in this district know that as a dairy farmer, Denny is the candidate that shares their values and isn’t a liberal puppet.”

Wolff stated in a PoliticsPA article in August that he would not support Rep. Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House if elected to Congress.

Wolff’s first campaign ad, “Work for a Living” details his roots in dairy farming and tries to portray an Independent message to the voters of the GOP friendly district.

“Dairy farming entails a lot of hard work, but it’s been in our blood for generations,” Wolff says in the ad. “Congress desperately needs people who know what it’s like to work for a living.”



The second half of the ad reiterates a bipartisan approach to governing, while touting support for Medicare and Social Security.

“Denny will protect Medicare and Social Security in Washington because no one should cheat you out of it,” the voiceover says in the ad. “I’m Denny Wolff, I approve this message. Send a farmer to clean up Washington.”

The newly drawn 9th district voted for President Trump by 35 points.

The new boundaries, in comparison to the previous 11th District seat held by Rep. Lou Barletta, who is making a bid for the U.S. Senate, is more Republican friendly than before.    

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32 thoughts on “PA9: Meuser and Wolff Release 1st TV Ads”

  1. Benton Rodeo King says:

    Denny Wolff abandoned his family. Before this race you could fine Denny closing a few local watering holes every night. The man has stiffed people on bills for years. He’s the worst kind of human being

    1. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

      Sure your not talking about trump there. Can match two out of three of those with him but I’m sure that never crossed your mind what with that moral indignation of youra

  2. says:

    As usual Meuser begins by following the typical Republican attack ad policy. He lies by ignoring Wolff’s statement that he will not support Pelosi. He then states he is familiar with the local concerns in the 9th District but he never lived in that District and in the Preimary he ran against local Republicans who did. Simply put he is the hand picked outsider selected by the Republican leadership from Washington whose interests he represents and not at all interested in the concerns of local residents in the district.

  3. Reality in Columbia county says:

    Wolf only got in the race because he thought Trump would collapse. Didn’t happen. Wolff will lose by 20 points. He will lose Columbia county by 20 too

  4. Columbia county says:

    Denny Wolf is a low life, always has been. Only reason he ran was he thought the anti Trumpers would win and Trump crumbled. Didn’t happen… Wolf will lose by 20

  5. Cuckolpolski says:

    Dan banged my wife, still gonna vote for him to own the Libs.

    1. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

      And that’s what makes you a debased, degenerate scumbag.

  6. Joe from Bloomsburg says:

    I registered Democratic to vote Denny Wolff as nominee! I hope he wins or at least gets close. He’ll have our communities at heart here in this district and would go against his party’s leadership from time to time.

    Same can’t be said for Trunp sycophant Meuser.

    We need more moderates like Wolff in both parties who are both on the path to extremism and have some pretty authoritarian tactics and rabble rousing.

    They make our national politics a death struggle … but it’s a whole lot of vain silliness at best. Case in point,some of the behavior on both sides of the aisle during this Kavanaugh ordeal.

    He’ll be a mix of good and bad like most other justices.

  7. Germanicus says:

    Meuser seems like a not nice person. Just an impression in Schuylkill

    1. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

      Strikes me as the typical worst used car salesman type

  8. Jimpix says:

    Everyone in Luzerne knows Meuser’s had multiple affairs and mistresses.

    1. Concernedvoter says:

      Thanks Dr. Ford for the info.

      1. Doubleshot says:

        As least his affairs were consensual, although I’d suspect his wife didn’t consent

      2. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

        Nice to see sticking to your supposed morals

    2. aya16ga says:

      Hall of Fame numbers.

  9. caroline547 says:

    Nancy Pelosi demands obedience and want lock step voting and she cares absolutely nothing about people in PA. That’s why she should be an issue in every campaign.
    Meuser would represent his district well.

    1. Robert B. Suckmeoff, M.D. says:

      You’re an idiot!

    2. I'm Not Nancy Pelosi says:

      This is an absolutely laughable post. Nancy Pelosi is a political leader and not a tin pot despot ordering people around. Also, most voters aside from political junkies don’t even know who she is outside her district.

    3. NotFooled says:

      Yea, as soon as he ACTUALLY LIVES IN IT

  10. #Millville R’s says:

    Denny Wolff Has been a liberal hack pollicslly and in his actions forever. Anti Reagan, Clinton and Obama supporter. worked for Rendell. check it out .true.And his actions. Wait until us locals get our info out on Denny, not paying bills, drinking, abandoned family according to first wife. how many mistresses and wives ? it’s all in the courthouse papers. Met Meuser , great business background, Conservative, with Trump. He will win but Denny will get his anyway. Should of paid your bills denny

    1. Independent voter says:

      I guess Meuser’s campaign staff spends all its time on….

    2. Doubleshot says:

      Just don’t leave Dan Meuser alone with your wife…

    3. aya16ga says:

      No part of this is true. You want to talk mistresses, you’ve got the wrong guy.

    4. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

      Funny you don’t seem to have a problem with trump not paying his bills, or screwing around on his spouses, oh is it because trump was doing porn stars? You hoping that you can one day be like don the con?

  11. Truth Hurts Sometimes says:

    Meuser goes negative right out of the gate shows his true character. I wonder why Dan’s girlfriends aren’t in the ad or the fact that he made millions from Medicare yet sells himself as the small government candidate.

    1. GPS4Govt says:

      Did Denny write this when bellied up to the bar knocking back another beer? Hear folks in Columbia County know how much Denny likes to close down a bar. It’s also widely known that Denny has not paid a lot of people money he owes them. He can’t even manage his own money, and we are supposed to give him ours?

      1. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

        Oh yeah and what people have you heard that from? Cause you haven’t heard it from this one

  12. Concernedvoter says:

    Denny Wolff says he is a farmer, but he was a lobbyist for Monsanto, dubbed the most evil corporation in the world. Monsanto created Agent Orange. He also apparently has had a lot of problems paying his bills. Been sued for not paying his bills. If Denny does win, do we really think he wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi? When has Denny ever bucked his party?

    1. Butforyou says:

      NRA = A

      1. Concernedvoter says:

        Says he won’t take support from NRA. Isn’t he pro-abortion?

  13. Retired Army says:

    I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is on the ballot in the PA 11th. It is not clear to a thinking person why she is named in a political ad.

    1. Jared Shoemaker Jr says:

      Not 11th it’s the 9th. This is my districts battle.

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