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PAC Launches Ad Supporting Reddick in PA-1

With Honor, a cross-partisan PAC, launched a new ad supporting Democratic Congressional candidate Rachel Reddick in the 1st Congressional district.

The ad opens with the narrator describing Reddick as “the progressive choice for Congress, a native of Bucks County, a Navy veteran.”  

The 30-second ad is running on cable in Bucks county, which is the main part of the new 1st Congressional district.  

“Rachel Reddick stood up for the survivors of domestic abuse.  Now Rachel Reddick is running for Congress to protect our healthcare,” the narrator says.  

According to their website With Honor works to “elect principled next-generation veterans to office who will work in a cross-partisan way to create a more effective and less polarized government.”  

Opensecrets reports that With Honor has spent money supporting and opposing both Democratic and Republican candidates during the 2018 cycle.  

Reddick is running against Scott Wallace in the Democratic primary, who has out spent her by over $1 million according to FEC filings.  Steven Bacher is also running in the race.

You can view the ad below.


11 Responses

  1. Another cable TV buy that few people will actually see. With Wallace’s name on the BCDC goldenrod, a robust field organization with volunteers and paid workers, Diane Marseglia and Tina Davis marshalling their forces behind Wallace, it’s hard to see how Reddick wins the Primary.

  2. As a life long progressive democratic with children and grandchildren living in our district, I’m so excited to be supporting a progressive veteran in Rachel Reddick. We are so fortunate that she has chosen to run for office and will be representing us. Her positions on women’s rights, gun control, taxes and much more are exactly in lockstep with mine. I proudly vote for HER!

  3. It’s hilarious how Team Reddick is using time and resources to plant positive comments in PoliticsPA articles. Seriously??

    1. as opposed to how you’re using your time and resources, bill? go scratch

  4. Rachel Reddick is a Mom, a lawyer, a veteran. She work as a advocate with victims of domestic violence. She proudly served in our Navy for 6 1/2 years as a lawyer in the Judge Advocacy General (JAG) Corp. She is more than qualified to be our very first Congresswoman in Bucks County. She tough but caring and compassionate. When you are talking with her, she really listens. We need Congress to work and I believe Rachel Reddick is the best choice to represent our values in Congress.

  5. Rachel Reddick is an excellent choice to represent us against tax-cuts-for-the-rich Brian Fitzpatrick. The absurd Wallace attack on her — that she was once a registered Republican — is, to me, a positive. Her entire life has been public duty to progressive and patriotic causes. She has been a domestic violence advocate, a Navy officer, and now an activist and political candidate. Like many of us, Rachel has learned over time what she values. For her to have come from a conservative Republican family and still have found a home in the Democratic Party is a wonderful part of her story.

  6. I like the ad a lot. It is hopeful and yet sends a purposeful message. It says, “I am a progressive. I make no bones about it. I’m family oriented and care about others too. I’m not like Trump.” It’s really positive and appealing putting the candidate’s best foot forward. My experience with the people in Bucks County (an area I like) is that this ad will hit home and appeal to the intelligence of the citizenry.

  7. So excited to see this ad! This sort of positive message, not an attack on Wallace, is what her campaign needs. She IS the right choice here and hopefully voters will see that.

  8. I like her, but PA-1 is going to be an expensive race, and I don’t know if she’ll be able to pull in donations the way Wallace can/will.

    1. Hear your concern. But she is going to raise enough. The party has listed this race as a top target for them, which means she gets their resources. She’s also already raised a hefty sum (way more than Scott). As we see all over the country, candidates with the right background who are fighters will win. Problem with Scott is he hasn’t lived here in over 40 years, which will be an easy attack. He also didn’t pay over 60k in taxes on his Maryland home, despite being a multimillionaire. These will cripple him in the general. Just think of Conor Lamb who just won his special election. Rachel has the same background, except she has the advantage of being a woman!

    2. Wallace doesn’t pull in donations, Wallace lies to voters about how he’s funding his campaign, he threw $3.6 million of his inheritance into his race then told everyone he was “matching contributions from in district.” He most certainly did not raise $3.6 million dollars, let alone in district.

      Santarsiero outraised and outspent Fitzpatrick. It’s not money, it’s the messenger. He’s a very, very flawed messenger.

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