PAGOP Appoints Mike Baker As Treasurer

The changes continue at the top of the Pennsylvania Republican Party. 

Following a week that brought in a new Compliance Officer and Executive Director, the state party announced this morning that former Southwest Caucus Chair and current Armstrong County GOP Chair Mike Baker has been appointed as the PAGOP Treasurer. 

“Mike is a successful businessman with a background in finance, and as the former Southwest Caucus chair he’s well-versed in campaign finance requirements,” PAGOP Chair Lawrence Tabas said in a statement. “He’s a good man, a strong leader and an obvious choice.”

The release from the Pennsylvania GOP Tuesday morning announced that D. Raja, who was elected Treasurer in 2017, has resigned from the post. PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the party on the departure of Raja. 

Shortly after losing his second bid for the state Senate’s 37th District in the Spring, Raja stepped down as Chairman of the Allegheny County Republican Party. The Allegheny County GOP is now led by Sam DeMarco, who also chairs the Southwest Caucus

In addition to serving as the Armstrong County GOP Chair, Baker is the VP and CFO of Mt. Lorenzo Holdings, Inc. 

Baker said he was “honored” by the appointment from Tabas, who he describes as a “long-time mentor.” 

In 2011, PoliticsPA dubbed Baker as one of the best county chairs in the state.

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13 thoughts on “PAGOP Appoints Mike Baker As Treasurer”

  1. Kibble says:

    To Mary Jane Bowes:are you nuts? You are a pedigreed, highly educated, respected Pittsburgh lawyer and insider. Your family is tied to the Hillmans, legendary! What in the world are you doing shacking up with mafia trash like Morgan? Did you make a deal with the devil (DeNaples) to get elected? Shame on you and shame on the people of Pennsylvania.

  2. Red Skies at Night says:

    Disappointed to see D. Raja step down as Treasurer of the PAGOP and as Chair of RCAC. He is a good man and has been an active and trusted leader in the Republican Party. Good luck to Mike Baker in his new role.

  3. Grunt says:

    Waiting to hear if Tabas brings back Jerry Morgan. That will be a trip.

    1. Jerry Morgan's Girlfriend is a judge and he will tell you about it. says:

      “Never Limit your options”

      1. Grunt says:

        Wonder if she knows about all his other girlfriends? What a player.

      2. Kibble says:

        Now I know why Judge Bowes was rated Not Qualified for Superior Court. Terrible taste in boyfriends.

        1. TFR says:

          She has a good record as judge. Why does she consort with a mafia lowlife? It has to be awkward in Pittsburgh high society.

      3. TFR says:

        WAit. What about his girlfriend who is now a state senator? the guy gets around….

        1. Track the Dirt says:

          Don’t forget his sweetie up in Easton. The judge is being played but maybe she gets something from his Denaples connection too. Morgan is as smarmy as they get

        2. Kibble says:

          Are you talking about Lisa Baker or Judy Ward or both?

  4. FormerGOPer says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would want to work for the GOP, it will be a stain on the resume for years to come.

    1. Huh says:

      Because they tend to hire and promote do nothing losers. Not a big market for them.

  5. Huh says:

    Great. More losers.

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