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PAGOP Elects Tabas Chair, Calls for Unity and Trump 2020 Effort

HERSHEY- The contest for Pennsylvania Republican Party Chair came to an end yesterday when Lawrence Tabas and Bernie Comfort released a joint statement agreeing to a truce making Tabas party chair and Comfort the Trump 2020 Campaign Chair for Pennsylvania.

Today, Comfort and Tabas touted their friendship and commitment to the party to signify the beginning of a new era within the Pennsylvania Republican Party after a contentious two and a half weeks competing for chair since the resignation of former Chair Val DiGiorgio, after the Philadelphia Inquirer detailed him exchanging sexually charged messages and an “explicit photo” with a GOP Philadelphia City Council hopeful.

“We are a family,” said Tabas, the former state GOP counsel and new leader of the PAGOP. “Families have disagreements. But it’s not necessarily disagreements about what the ultimate goal is. We know and share that.” 

Tabas fell just a couple votes shy of becoming party chair against DiGiorgio in the heated 2017 race, but was voted unanimously today by state committee members present for the emergency meeting. 

The race to succeed DiGiorgio included longtime party stalwarts like former PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason vouching for him, while Trump allies lined up behind PAGOP Vice Chair Comfort’s bid. 

In a symbol of unity, Comfort was the first to nominate Tabas lauding him as “one of the best election lawyers in the country” and explained her reason from stepping out of the race one day prior to the vote. 

“As we all talked for the last three weeks, what came clear was that we were heading to a divided vote and a divided party,” Comfort said. “That was not acceptable to me or to Lawrence.”

Sources tell PoliticsPA that insiders on both sides were predicting a Tabas victory in a contested vote just 24 hours after the Philadelphia Inquirer released a story that Comfort ignored sexual harassment claims from women in the party made towards DiGiorgio, which she denies. 

After Comfort praised the career of Tabas, the new chair returned the favor by detailing his admiration for Comfort and pointed their focus to re-electing President Donald Trump in the process. 

“I consider myself very lucky, because going into this chairmanship I’m going to have right by my side as a partner a very good friend,” Tabas said of Comfort, who will stay on as Vice Chair in addition to her new role as Trump 2020 PA Campaign Chair. 

“But if there’s just one thing that you remember as a takeaway, let me say this, and let me say it clear” Tabas said. “There is no way the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is going to allow Donald Trump to lose this state next year.”

Signs of “Trump Tabas” were scattered throughout the room as state committee members waved them in the air to express their optimism of keeping Pennsylvania red going into 2020.

After the election of Trump, who was the first Republican to capture the state’s 20 electoral votes since 1988, the state party has suffered some significant defeats. Despite holding a majority in the state House and Senate, the previous election saw Democrats take a chunk of seats back, evening the Congressional delegation at 9 members each after redistricting, while Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey coasted to reelection over two Trump friendly candidates. 

Tabas touched on the recent party losses and promised that the new leadership will lead a new winning effort in the state. 

“We suffered some defeats in the last couple of years and we lost elections that we shouldn’t have and we’ve lost in places that we shouldn’t have lost, but we will correct them,” Tabas said. “We will win these elections.”

Tabas and Comfort both stressed at length the need for reelecting Trump, but pointed to the 2019 races for Superior Court as crucial races. Both GOP Superior Court candidates, Megan King and Christylee Peck were in attendance and delivered speeches after Tabas was formally elected chair.

16 Responses

  1. Tabas made a mistake by agreeing to this deal. He was going to win and he should have went through with the vote and got rid of Comfort. When these other women come forward and lawsuits are filed, the Republican Party will have egg on its face again. This was a bad move in a lame attempt to unify a severely broken party. As far as bringing the judicial candidates forward, that was a joke. They will get smoked.

  2. Tough job as the GOP in PA is dying as young millennials are turned off by the racism and class warfare of the GOP.

    1. Democrats may have an edge in statewide races, but in many rural counties and rural PA Senate, PA House and Congressional districts, Democrats have no chance. Check out county row offices. Many rural counties that used to be 50/50 counties are now totally controlled by the GOP. Same with school boards. And it is hard to find a state rep that isn’t Republican out side of Philly, Pittsburgh, Erie and a few other pockets. Even Johnstown and Scranton area that was once a Democratic stronghold only has a few token Dems in office. The days of John Murtha in Johnstown are long gone – they are now Trumpers. Of course we’re still waiting on our steel and coal jobs to return.

      1. Sure, but those areas are not growing nearly as fast as Philly or Pittsburgh. GOP will rule the rural ashes.

    2. Young millennials are too busy eating tide pods and licking ice cream in grocery stores to vote. I actually feel bad for Democrats going into 2020. Radical positions like the Green New Deal, open borders, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, reparations, and others are really a tough sell.

      1. Dont pity them while they continue to win and Make gains everywhere in our Commonwealth.

      2. Actually most millennials are paying of student loans and working jobs at the low end of the pay spectrum. Some are making good money but they are very few and in between. A lot of their ‘save the world’ mind set comes from their inability to help themselves even when they genuinely care and make and effor, it’s no where near where their parents are. They feel like failures to themselves, their peers and families. Many over compensate by acting like know-it alls and hiding severe in-securities. They live in a world that has little to no privacy and is all about appearances thanks to social media. They want to look rich, act happy and be amazing…at least in the eyes of others.
        Millennials actually vote in pretty high numbers compared to their predecessors at the same age.

        Most millenials don’t support reparations so don’t even go there. Many don’t support the Green deal as it’s poorly written and bizarrely contrived and many hate this new ‘squad’ as it’s actually hurting the dem party more then helping and not all millenials want healthcare for illegal immigrants…actually that’s almost know one i know.

  3. Tabas was the logical choice and the decision to unite is one of the few strengths of the GOP. When the Democrats fight, it’s like trying to heard a bunch of cats. Unity is neither desired or obtained. They win despite their disunity because of their numbers.

    1. Jake-

      GOP Unity = Lemmings/sheep surrendering

      GOP has unity on refusing condemning Trump for saying American congresswomen of color should go back to their own countries.

  4. Comfort strutted into that state committee room loud and with no humility. Only reason she’s in any position of authority, party had to save face for the President since he made the mistake of backing her. She thinks R’s still love her but they only tolerate her. They are supporting and protecting the President, not her.

  5. What about former Governor Weld? He also seeks the Republican nomination for President.

    1. Gov Weld is a good candidate and will stun R’s with his appeal. He won’t beat Trump but it also won’t be a laugher. Wait and see. Gov Weld is a good man and will be a good candidate.

      1. Weld is a schmuck after his last Third Party Run made Weld a Permanent Joke and Laughable .

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