PAGOP Fills Out Top Staff

Nick Trainer

Nick Trainer

As Republicans gear up for 2014 and the governor’s race, the state party set its top staff this week. The roster includes several familiar faces.

Nicholas Trainer, 24, originally of Berks County, will be the party’s State Field Director. The position coordinated PAGOP efforts with those of the Republican National Committee.

His resume includes work as Rep. Tim Murphy’s (R-Allegheny) Political Director, time with Toomey for Senate in 2010, and some brief stints on presidential campaigns in New Hampshire.

“We are fortunate to enjoy a strong partnership with the RNC, and I am pleased to continue working with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to deliver Republican victories throughout Pennsylvania,” party Chairman Rob Gleason said. “We look forward to working with the RNC to build the largest and most vibrant grassroots operation our Commonwealth has ever seen.”

There has been relatively little turnover at both state parties post-2012 as Democrats and Republicans have promoted from within.

Trainer replaces Peter Towey, who filled a similar role in the 2012 cycle as the RNC’s Victory Director in Pa. Trainer was Towey’s deputy last cycle.

Towey is now the PAGOP’s Political Director. There, he coordinates the party’s efforts with other stakeholders including legislative caucus campaign committees, the Governor and others.

He, in turn, replaced Bob Bozzuto, who was promoted to Executive Director in April when previous ED Mike Barley moved over to become Gov. Corbett’s re-election campaign manager.

The PAGOP’s primary role in 2014 will be Corbett’s re-election. Its staff and resources will function as a partner and extension of the campaign, as is the case any time a governor is a member of either state party.

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  1. David Diano says:

    “Simplicio” (aka Tom)-
    Why do you make statements that are so easily proven false?

    I didn’t comment on today’s reader poll about Cartwright, or on the “Daily Buzz”.

    But, if you bothered to look at this very thread we are now in, you would have seen that I posted on the 26th, but not the 27th. My posts of the past few days, are responses to attacks by fools like you. So, it’s pretty self-serving for you to whine that I am posting everyday, when my posts are a response to your own posts, where you invoke my name.


    I think your fascination with me is beginning to get creepy. Please don’t send me any of your “Anthony Weiner” self-portraits. Share them with Brrdat or your other posting buddies.

  2. Tom Lafferty says:

    Dude you spend every day posting on every story. You’re pathetic and not even aware of it. Are you really that unaware of how sad your are? This is your life.

  3. David Diano says:

    Your childish taunts seem to be for age 7YRS

    (notice how I used the same “captch” characters?)

    Tom, while I give you credit for posting under your real name, you are attempting to fight
    well outside your mental weight class. But, please do continue, as you actually help prove my points about the immaturity and hollowness of right-wing arguments.

    In his “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”, Galileo had to invent the character “Simplicio” to present the views to be disproven. I’ve got you to fill that role yourself.

    Thanks for making it so easy. 🙂

  4. Tom Lafferty says:


    captcha: 7SRY as in 7 SRY years until David leaves mum’s basement.

  5. David Diano says:

    Dear Tom Lafferty-

    I guess PoliticsPA cares enough to post a story… see front page.

  6. Tom Lafferty says:

    Dear David,

    No one cares.


    Planet Earth

  7. Lefave says:


    Grab his tiny hands, and walk with him TO THE FUTURE.

  8. David Diano says:


    Anonymous posters are so adorable.

    Keep your eyes open for my latest take down of Sestak. Story should be breaking within 24 hours.

  9. Brrrrdat says:

    File photo of David Diano, clearly pleased with his latest post

  10. alex says:

    Judging from the hateful, stupid comments, it’s evident that Nick was a good choice. The Dems FEAR him!

  11. PAINDY1 says:

    Just gotten a hold of a secret Rob Gleason PAGOP GOTV handbook: “Enforcement of Voter ID is a critical necessity for the survival of our Party and the White Folk! It’s the law and Besides: THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE. BE CAREFUL!”

  12. B.J. says:

    I love reading the comments here. It’s like visiting the zoo.

  13. PAINDY1 says:

    This nice young man looks like the guy picked to light Rob Gleason’s “BON FIRE” at the Bedford Springs Corbett conclave this weekend. You know the Bon Fire where you drink bourbon, roast marshmallows and get silly talking about how much you love the WHITE FOLK!

  14. Truther says:

    Nick Trainer, I mean “John Macdonald” doesn’t think twice about destroying Democrats by any means necessary. Thats his JOB. He wasn’t promoted to Pope, he was promoted to field director to attack D’s all day every day. Nick was part of the birther movement demanding Obama’s birth certificate, so don’t cry us a river here. Nick is short, bald and overweight, that is a fact. But Nick peddles in lies and innuendo – so which is worse?

  15. David Diano says:

    Hey, Old MacDonald-

    I wasn’t attacking him. Just making a joke. My other choices were Mini-Me, Lex Luthor and Blofeld.

    (I think he actually looks more like Gru, but Gru retired from super-villainy. 🙂 )

    The PA GOP is an evil organization seeking to disenfranchise voters, close public schools, put corporations over people and put guns in the hands of criminals, so naturally one expects that their help wanted ad was:

    Evil Mastermind Wanted
    Apply PA GOP 1-800-Bad-Vote

  16. Johnny Boy says:

    Wah wah wah McDonald. Geesh, is Nick you boy toy? Grow a set ya big baby

  17. John MacDonald says:

    The comments on this page are truly sickening and should not be tolerated on this website. Nick is a gregarious young man who has risen quickly in his profession because he is hard working, talented, and has an astute understanding of American politics.

    Attacking him based on his looks is not only childish and cruel, but shows how intellectually bankrupt his would-be critics are.

    Politics is a tough business and we expect people involved in the political process to have thick skins and I am sure Nick is unfazed by these comments. Nonetheless, the people involved in the political process are in fact humans that don’t deserve to be ridiculed for their appearance.

    I find it saddening that so many readers on a website mostly read by government affairs professionals believed it to be the intelligent and moral thing to publicly degrade the looks of a gifted young man that had just received a promotion.

    Granted, I understand why so many liberals would be distraught over this news. Nick’s promotion is great news for the PA GOP and horrible news for the PA Democratic Party.

  18. SOUL-MLK-2014 says:

    Brothers and Sisters: I’ve heard from my fellow activists that Mr. TRAINER is an expert in disenfranchising we African-Americans. Why else would PAGOP’s Rob Gleason announce this hire on a Friday? It is time we had a MARCH ON HARRISBURG to protect Pennsylvanian African Americans from being disenfranchised by Gleason’s PAGOP. Send Gleason and Corbett a message. Let’s have a March on the Shaner Center 112 State Street! Renee Amoore, please join your people to protect us from moving backwards. We have an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD to help you escape the PAGOP!

  19. Sue says:

    Ha!i was redacted for saying he looks like a typical republican voter!not like a twenty eight year old

  20. frank says:

    dr. evil looks thrilled to have this position lol that will be his look on election night gurantee

  21. Sue says:


  22. David Diano says:

    GOP puts Dr. Evil in charge of field direction. He wants a BILLION DOLLARS. 🙂

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