PAGOP Fundraises Off of Walker Win

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s win Tuesday buoyed the spirits of Republicans hither and yon. Facing a recall after months of protests by labor groups and others, the width of his margin surprised many: 54 to 46 percent. Today, the PA GOP sought to give direction to the enthusiasm with a fundraising email.

“As a resident of the key swing state here in Pennsylvania, it gives me a great amount of excitement to another key swing state choose a common sense conservative leader. One can only start to believe that Pennsylvania is next!” wrote party Chairman Rob Gleason.

He continued with a description of PA’s status as a 2012 swing state, painting a slightly more bullish picture than in early May when he said even Mitt Romney questioned whether the state is in play.

“We are the Keystone State and the key to ensuring that Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes go to Governor Romney. Would you be willing to donate $10, $25, or $50 to the Party so that we may continue to fight to elect Republican leaders?

Meanwhile, the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania took another meaning from the win. In a Wednesday morning email, the conservative group chastened Republican officials to be bolder in the wake of Walker’s win.

“Governor Walker’s sizeable margin of victory is a testament to how voters respond to principled leadership. Hopefully, this lesson is not lost on Pennsylvania’s General Assembly and Governor,” wrote Executive Director Leo Knepper.

“It’s long past time for the General Assembly and Governor to take advantage of their historic majorities to enact meaningful reforms that will finally benefit the taxpayers’ needs instead of giving into the insatiable and extreme agenda of Pennsylvania’s public sector unions,” the email continued.

Update: The PA AFL-CIO also took a whack at PA Republicans.

“This is Pennsylvania. Not Wisconsin. That’s what Governor Corbett’s spokesman said last year, and I agree,”  said AFL-CIO Campaign Communications Director Yuri Beckelman. “While we’re disappointed with the outcome in the Wisconsin Governor’s race, we are proud of the fight we put up and of the election of John Lehman giving the Democrats control of the State Senate.”

3 Responses

  1. Corbett has clout and position. He has the House and Senate. He can advance more than he thinks. He could advance the toughening of the Acts that created the SRC as Pedro Ramos requested, which are possibly to discourage strikes after the SRC invokes its legal right to cancel and rewrite contracts, to enforce concessions.

    Corbett could simply attach an amendment that says that public union dues are now optional, and justify it with the facts that salaries are stagnant, contributions are higher, and union workers have to be free to decide how to use all of their own salary.

    That would weaken opposition to concessions later.

  2. Actually, when you look at all the recalls together, labor and the GOP were pretty equal. Nice try though. Thankfully, the union thugs failed.

  3. Well, it is kind of hard to lose when you outspend your opponents 7 to 1 and send out robocalls telling voters they don’t need to show up to the polls if they already signed the recall petition.

    Dirty tricks machine in action.

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