PAGOP Hires Sarah Schultz As Youth Outreach Director


The Pennsylvania Republican Party hired a youth outreach director going into the 2014 elections.

โ€œSarah brings a wealth of experience in organizing grassroots Republicans throughout the country,โ€ Gleason said. โ€œIn the months ahead, Sarah will reach out to young Republicans throughout the Commonwealth as we work to elect Governor Tom Corbett, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and our entire Republican team. I am excited for Sarah to join our team, and look forward to her success in the coming months.โ€

Last year, Sarah worked for the Republican National Committee as a Regional Field Director for the 2013 New Jersey Gubernatorial race. Previously, Sarah served as Finance Coordinator for Dan Winslow for U.S. Senate campaign, and as a member of the Ohio Victory Field Staff during the 2012 election cycle.

Schultz is a graduate of the Commonwealth Honors College Scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The PAGOP and Schultz will have their hands full this year as Corbett faces a tough bid for reelection and Democrats make a serious push to regain the State Senate.

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  1. In response to “Me”
    In your post repeated below you reference gay marriage and use an odd or apt choice of words. It would seem that the “demaning” is a perhaps spot on description. I was not aware that corbett supported “demaning” . Since you don’t support Corbett I suppose you don’t support “demaning” so how can you then support gay marriage. You have grasped the core of the issue but left some confusion. If you don’t “deman” than you would be hetero right? In that case Corbett agrees with you correct? Please clarify as we are confused by your post.

    “taking away your right to marry and demaning your relationships”

  2. “Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m a young person, like you! Let me tell you why destroying your high school, putting you in neverending college debt, taking away your right to marry and demaning your relationships, knocking the joint out of your mouth, denying you health coverage if you can’t afford it, poisoning your water with natural gas chemicals, and forcing you to jump through sixteen hoops before you can exercise your Constitutional right to decide whether or not you want to be a parent are all actually GREAT ideas for young people! Isn’t Tom Corbett a Dawg, Dawg??”

    LOL Omg. Honey, as a young person, feel free to quit your job at any time. We’re not listening.

  3. You really are quite the basement dwelling loser dude.

    And thank you for linking to your website! You know the internet has done some wonderful things with HTML since 1996.

  4. Tom-
    I’m not backing off anything.

    CentPADem asked a question about what she “knows”. That, along with her name, Schultz, caused one of my Hogan’s Heroes neurons to fire a little sophomoric humor.

    My longer statement, which you referenced as “backing off” was actually a much more scathing indictment of how she’s a young woman supporting a party out of touch with women and young people. Pretty much her career choice is 180 degrees in the wrong direction and she’s wasting her time chasing a lost cause.

    But, Tom, thanks for proving once again how completely clueless you are.

  5. I wish this young lady all the luck in the world…maybe she’ll be as good at tricking the youth of Pennsylvania as the older Republicans are at tricking the grown-ups…I wonder if she handed out aspirin to her fellow students to keep between their knees?

  6. Today’s Democratic party has NOTHING to offer young people. Mounting debt, diminishing safety net, and a false illusion of creating opportunity while do everything imaginable to take resources from young people and give to others.

    The Democratic model for everything is throw more money at the problem and not actually address the issue. High costs of education? Throw more money at it. Not enough jobs? Throw more money at it.

    Believe it or not but young people are souring on the Obama regime and those faded posters of him are a tragic reminder of how big government has failed an entire generation.

  7. Guest-
    I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but she’s on a fool’s errand trying to make Corbett or the PA GOP appeal to young voters after the way they slashed education, their backing of VoterID (struck down again today), their fights against marriage rights for gays, their fights against women’s reproductive rights, and their opposition to the pot legalization trend.

    Today’s GOP has NOTHING to offer young people, especially young women.

    Ms. Schultz should be reaching out to young Republicans and explaining why they should be changing their registration to Democrat.

  8. All
    She is new and this is a nice article about her. This is the type of article where you would share the story link with your parents, grandparents, favorite Aunt – you get the idea.
    And so you folks that want to bash corbett in her article should think about all the important folks in her life that won’t see her announcement article because of your posts.
    Plenty of other articles to whack Corbett with posts a whacking richly deserved. This was not the place. Personally I think the Editor should clear the subject posts on this article.

  9. Congrats Sarah! I know me and everyone else from RU college Republicans loved working with you and wish you the best!

  10. Might want to ask her what she knows about bridge closures. I agree with Jeremy though – Why would younger voters support Corbett who cut ed funding and has done little to create jobs so they can stay in PA.

  11. How is that conversation going to go?

    Hi! I am Sarah and I want you to support my fellow Republicans. Please forget about the fact Corbett cut money from higher ed, meaning your paying more and I mean a lot more for college. Please forget Corbett cut funding from your high school which meant loss of teachers and some activities. And please forget that if you get pregnant and want an abortion Corbett wanted you to get a force ultrasound.

    That will be one hell of a message!

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