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PAGOP Video: I’m Not #Julia

Barack Obama’s campaign certainly generated a great deal of conversation last week when it introduced Julia, a generic American woman, as a thought experiment to compare the President’s policies to those of Mitt Romney.

“President Obama believes that women like Julia should have access to the resources they need to advance our common well-being — from equal pay for equal work to expanding access to quality, affordable health care, child care and education,” the President’s campaign said in its release announcing the feature.

Issues highlighted by the interactive timeline, which allows users to see how “Julia” interacts with the government at various ages from 3 to 67, include student loan availability, access to contraception, and Medicare.

As well as it demonstrated team Obama’s tech savvy, it also precipitated a massive satirical response by conservatives. Alexa Shrugged has a good round up here.

Now the PAGOP is joining the fun. In a web video released today, the Republican Party presents 6 women criticizing Obama and his policies straight-to-camera.

“I’m not Julia, I’m Nancy,” says one woman. “And thanks to President Obama, Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt, and they won’t be around when my children and grandchildren need it.”

The Obama campaign swung back at the PAGOP. Said OFA-PA spokeswoman Jennifer Austin:

“If the GOP wants to debate the President’s record on women’s issues, we welcome that discussion. There is no question that Romney and his allies, like Governor Corbett, are working to turn back the clock on issues important to women. Romney supports the Blunt-Rubio Amendment that would hand women’s health decisions over to their bosses; thinks that Roe v. Wade should be overturned; wants to ‘get rid of’ Planned Parenthood, a vital health care provider for millions of women; and refuses to say whether he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law.”

8 Responses

  1. I think Nathan above, the GOP is shooting themselves in the foot by drawing attention to this add. It’s got a very well crafted message that will make the GOP base tear their hair out but moderates will appreciate this message.

  2. Those who appear in this video are operatives of the republican party, led by nancy from Enola who just reads lines that have been written for her.

  3. Personally, I think the Obama campaign’s Julia video is denigrating and insulting to women. They seem to treat women as a voter bloc who need to be handled differently in order to secure their votes. It’s a dead certainty that under this administration’s continued policies, women, nor anyone else for that matter, will be able to retire “comfortably”, if at all.

  4. This ad is excellent propaganda. It espouses a view of America which is foreign to most:. Success is the product of a salvific government who will protect you from failure.

    This is like giving a late night comedian material- don’t kick the gift horse in the mouth.

  5. This is the stupidist, most annoying and misinformed piece of tripe I’ve ever seen. I can’t afford 2 more seconds of these whining bitches.

  6. This woman “Julia” would have been a live birth abortion under Obama. This is the only reply we need to make to this ridiculous ad. No cradle to “determined” death benefits.

  7. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the message behind the Obama campaign’s version of the Julia ad, it is a very well done piece of messaging for three reasons. First, it will likely help Obama run up the score among the female demographic in battle ground states. Second, it highlights the things that the Obama administration has done that moderates aren’t opposed to or won’t be turned off by. None of the things they talk about in the Julia ad make people who are somewhere in the center cringe. Last and most importantly, it does what too few ads accomplish: remain generally positive while drawing significant distinctions between a candidate and his opponent. I’m not sure why the Republicans are intentionally drawing people’s attention to this ad. The alternative ad really does little to help Romney or refute the things the Obama people claimed in their original ad.

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