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Palin-esque Scranton Tea Party Leader Declares Against Casey in 2012 (With Video)

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Laureen Cummings, head of the Scranton Tea Party, has declared her intention to challenge U.S. Senator Bob Casey in 2012, and she sounds an awful lot like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

Cummings, of Old Forge, is a relative newcomer to politics. She ran for Republican State Committee in 2010, shortly after she helped to found the Scranton Tea Party.

She’s a registered nurse and a small business owner, Lorimar Home Care & Staffing Services.

PoliticsPA found the video below from a Tea Party rally during April 2010. The speech is a run down of common Tea Party mantras.

“There are death panels, as Sarah Palin says,” asserts Cummings of the health care law.

“One thing President Obama didn’t count on: we are not Europeans. We are proud, American-loving citizens,” she says later.

Eric Boehm of the PA Independent has the scoop.

Cummings at an April 2010 rally with now Congressman Lou Barletta

During a guest appearance Saturday on The David Madeira Show on WTRW-FM, Cummings said she would seek the Republican nomination for Senate in 2012.

“I think we need more patriots (in Congress),” said Cummings. “Next election, we need more patriots to get out there.”

Cummings said her experience as a nurse gives her a better perspective on the national health care debate than Casey, whom she said has not read the entire health reform law.

“I’ve read the health care bill, and I know he hasn’t,” said Cummings. “And I’ve read the cap and trade bill, and I know he hasn’t because I’ve approached him about both of them.”

6 Responses

  1. Thomas Chi u might be the one to see Dr. Drew. You post in every forum that has Palin’s name in it, pushing your delusional book. Maybe u should come up with a different strategy selling that garbage, it’s like 950k place on Amazon.

  2. This is particularly telling:
    “If a CEO destroys their company, and they’re fired, do they get to collect all their benefits and pension plans? No!”

    Uh…when CEOs screw up a company, not only do they keep their benefits and their 401K plans, but THEY GET PAID TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to go away. This woman needs to know what she’s talking about before she opens her mouth.

    You’re right. She sounds just like Sarah Palin.

  3. Thomas Chi, You are a loon. Palin isn’t fighting with Ailes. The NY rag writes a story about someone that heard something. There was no fighting. The same rag had Ailes under indictment last week. How did that work out???

    Sarah Palin is on her way to India.

  4. Did you read Palin’s book? She is fighting now with Roger Ailes at Fox News – Please – Read Sarah Palin’s book. Understand her philosophy: Unstable, spontaneous, self destructive character that isn’t only a political nightmare, but a behavior flaw that a psychologist can’t handle. Call Dr. Drew, Sarah Palin is ready for another reality TV show. Two words, Going Rogue – One name of a person who suffered from those two words, John McCain – Don’t end up like John McCain. In the famous quote by Donald Trump, “Fire her.”

    Thomas Chi

    Selling Sex with Sarah Palin

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