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Parnell Touts Trump in RNC Speech

Sean Parnell took center stage at the Republican National Convention on Monday night and delivered a passionate plea to voters on behalf of President Donald Trump’s agenda, while accusing the Democratic Party of being “bloated with contempt for middle America.”

“President Trump unleashed the economic might of this nation like no other President in our history. He triggered the rising tide of working families, brought us energy independence, reclaimed jobs from overseas that Democrats said would never return,” said Parnell, a combat veteran and conservative author who is the GOP nominee for the 17th Congressional District. “He has fiercely defended the besieged First and Second Amendments. That’s just a start.”

“With four more years, imagine what we can achieve by simply working with our President,” Parnell continued. “I believe in our President’s vision for the future.” 

He also described the opposition the president has faced as “savage political attacks” and that Trump’s effort to “advance freedom” are being opposed by the “radical left.” 

During the speech that was slightly less than 5 minutes, the GOP congressional hopeful also painted a picture of a “New Democrat Party” that has contempt for “middle America” and specifically criticized former Vice President Joe Biden over a confrontation he had with an autoworker over the 2nd Amendment. 

“Where Democrats once stood for hard working, law abiding Americans who displayed our flag with pride, this New Democrat party considered them uneducated racists, clinging to guns and Bibles,” Parnell said, according to prepared remarks. “The party of Harry Truman became the party of hedge fund managers, Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls and academia —bloated with contempt for middle America.”

“I watched with alarm as the party of my grandfather—a lifelong union Democrat—turned against the very people it professed to represent,” Parnell said. “I watched as Joe Biden spit venom at an auto worker who dared to question Joe’s intent to dismantle the Second Amendment.”

Biden sparred with an autoworker, who accused the former VP and Democratic presidential hopeful of attempting to “end the 2nd Amendment” in Michigan in March. Despite the claims from that man and Parnell, Biden has not called for the elimination of the 2nd Amendment, but has vouched for banning the manufacturing and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and touts opposing the National Rifle Association during his career, according to his campaign’s “Gun Safety” page

Parnell also detailed his military background during the speech. 

While Parnell singled out Biden by name, he didn’t make a specific reference to Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny), who he is attempting to unseat in November. 

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Lamb’s campaign on Parnell’s address. 

Last week, Lamb also had the opportunity to take the virtual stage of the Democratic National Convention as one of the 17 “rising stars” in the party to detail their support for Biden’s bid. 

Both candidates being featured in the conventions shows the importance of this specific race in western PA. It also provides the chance for both candidates to expand on fundraising for what is expected to be one of the most expensive races in the state this cycle. 

Parnell’s first two retweets at the conclusion of his address included links to his fundraising page. Parnell outraised Lamb last quarter, although the Allegheny County Democrat still maintains a cash advantage in the race.  

According to Open Secrets, Lamb raised the second most funds of any Congressional candidate in the state from 2017-2018, only trailing Democrat Scott Wallace who largely self funded his unsuccessful bid in the 1st District. He raised over $9M over the course of both races in 2018.

Trump also tweeted out a video of Parnell’s address on Monday night. 

The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball all have the race in PA17 as “Likely Democratic,” although Trump narrowly carried these boundaries in 2016 over Sec. Hillary Clinton. 

14 Responses

  1. Trump has mismanaged the pandemic and squandered a growing economy. There are riots in the streets because he CAN’T LEAD. Our longtime allies in Europe have been disrespected and the idiot is indeed building a wall….. AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! But hey, let’s give the orange con man another 4 years so he can FINISH the job and all of us. He’s doing exactly what he always does….. FAILING.

  2. Not only is Parnell a carpetbagger, who didn’t even live in the district when he first announced his run; he also lacks knowledge about the economy. He also is a prevaricator just like his mentor, Trump. He said “President Trump unleashed the economic might of this nation like no other President in our history…”

    The real story of the Trump economy, and the president’s role in building it, is not so simple. If you compare key economic indicators from Barack Obama’s second term in office to the first three years of Trump’s time (that is, before the pandemic hit), the data show a continuation of trends, not a dramatic shift. It suggests Trump didn’t build something new; rather he inherited a pretty good situation.

    Start with the broadest measure of economic health, gross domestic product. In 2016, Trump said he was unhappy that the country’s economic growth rate was under 3 percent a year. Trump said he thought the economy could grow at better-than-4-percent annual rate.

    But the numbers show that average quarterly economic growth under Trump, 2.5 percent, was almost exactly what it was under Obama in the second term, 2.4 percent.

    Other than the overall similarity, two things jump out of those numbers. First, Trump didn’t get near his 4 percent figure. Second, the growth that began in Obama’s second term and essentially continued under Trump was enough to create an economy that even Trump believes was great. In other words, there might be something to be said for slow-steady growth over a prolonged period of time.

    Job numbers for Obama and Trump show a similar story.

    The president rightly takes credit for having low unemployment during his presidency. In December of 2019, the unemployment rate was a scant 3.5 percent, the lowest it had been in 50 years.

    However, as good as that number was, when Trump took office the rate was already at 4.7 percent. That figure is quite low by historical standards (lower than all of the 1980s as well as most of the 1990s and 2000s). In December of 2017, it was the lowest the number had been since the Great Recession. In fact, Obama saw a much steeper drop in unemployment in his second term, a 3.3 drop in the rate, than Trump did in his first three years, a decline of 1.2 points.

    It’s hard to ignore that the unemployment track under Obama had been downward. Again, the numbers look like the continuation of a trend, not something new.

    And the job creation numbers show more evidence for that view.

    On average, there were more jobs added monthly in Barack Obama’s second term than there were in Trump’s first three years.

    On average, the country created 215,000 new jobs a month in Obama’s second term. In Trump’s first three years, the figure was 182,000. They are both good numbers and if you look at the jobs data plotted on a graph, the rise since 2011 actually looks pretty consistent.

    But that’s the point. Since the recovery from the last recession the numbers look like a slow, steady build. There is no sudden change when Trump takes office in 2017. There was nothing dramatic in the post-2011 job figures until the pandemic hit this spring.

    A president taking credit for the economy is nothing new, of course. It’s a time-honored tradition in politics. And there are parts of the economy that Trump can rightfully celebrate. But the idea that the president somehow rescued a nation that was struggling economically when he arrived simply isn’t borne out in the data.

    If Trump is re-elected, he would not be rebuilding the economy again; he would be taking on a new task he did not face when he first arrived in Washington.

    There is little evidence in his record as president that says Trump is. Tell the truth, Parnell

    1. Parnell is just a new character introduced for comic relief on “Meet The Fockers “

  3. Parnell refuses to condemn Trump’s knowledge of the Putin bounties on US troops. So dont get pious about his serving in the military. He drank the Clorox last night.

    Regarding your Nancy Pelosi comment, in May Trump agreed with a New Mexico cowboy group that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”. This is a disgrace of the Presidency.

    The only accomplishments of the Trump presidency is that 180,000 people have died due to his incompetence, unemployment is the worst since the Great Depression and the great economy he inherited from Obama has nosedived.

    As the world witnessed last night there is no longer a Republican Party but a cult of Trump cabal.

    1. I suggest you look in a mirror if you want to see a real fool because Sean Parnell is a decorated combat veteran!

      If you want to take issue with the things he said then lay them on here but don’t you dare call a person who has defended this country a fool unless you want to perpetuate the stigma and myth that his opponent, Conor Lamb, has any legitimacy whatsoever in his first term! In that case you are nothing more than a Democrat hack!

      Lamb has lied in virtually every single one of his pledges when he first ran for office two years ago! The Democrat party couldn’t sink any lower unless they elected Pelosi here in Pennsylvania.

      1. He sounded more courageous than Rambo. Out numbered 10 to and he fought off the Talliban using all his amo. Maybe Parnell could have saved the Alamo.
        BTW, did anyone see his his interview on Fox Nation about women? Should be a telling commercial for Conor Lamb.

      2. Hahahahaha. That’s coming from ^Kim Stolfer psychotic white nationalist who wants AR-15s in the hands of children and has been called “insane” by the NRA. What a despicable worthless degenerate.
        Corporate welfare Kim!!!!!

    1. So let me get this straight; Biden has been around for 48 years in government politics and he’s done nothing to fix these problems but Trump is a loser?
      Pelosi calls all Republicans “domestic enemies” and that’s just fine with you while at the same time she undermines the Bill of Rights herself after she took the very same oath?
      It’s your kind of rhetoric that is at the heart of the problems in this country because you failed to realize and recognize the problems that our country has.

      Trump is imperfect but what politician isn’t?

      The problem is that you and the Democrats are afraid of the accomplishments he’s been able to get done while in office while at the same time fighting a bunch of misfits who are more interested in power than saving lives and doing what’s right!

      1. Kim stolfer…how is Biden’s 50 YEAR career in politics come out lacking in comparison to Trumps 4 year career that has seen 178,000 gone from covid and a botched national response? Plus a wrecked economy? YOur partisanship has you out of touch with the voters.

    2. It’s not Democrat Party it’s the Democratic Party so YOU and Parnell can stop looking like a fool.

      Parnell is an idiot. Conor wins easily. Don’t kid yourself.

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