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PA’s Washington Delegation Speaks Out On Court’s Student-Debt Relief Ruling

The Supreme Court on Friday blocked the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan in a 6-3 decision, stopping more than 40 million borrowers from receiving loan forgiveness and delivering a major defeat to one of the president’s key campaign promises.

Here are some reactions from Pennsylvania’s delegation in Washington.

5 Responses

  1. The Heroes Act is designed to alleviate negative effects of a national emergency. Yet, nowhere in the qualifications to apply for forgiveness, did applicants need to even allege that they lost income due to covid. So, how could this act possibly apply. Should have been an open and shut 9-0 decision.

  2. Solid, Constitutionally based decision by SCOTUS. Biden’s Executive Branch, any Executive Branch never had the power to cancel debt. It was Progressive overreach that led to this decision. I saw Fetterman’s staff replied (because he can’t) if banks can be bailed out, why can’t people be helped? #1, laws were passed or in place for banks; #2, whose money is in banks? It’s people!! (a tip of the hat to Charlton Heston).

    1. The SCOTUS is suppose to interpret the law, not make public policy. Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is legal and extends a helping hand to millions struggling with student loan debt. It’s an example of the Federal Government helping people and having the foresight that debt relief will help the overall economy.

  3. The decisions by this rogue court are alarming. It just affirms that elections have consequences. Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. If you don’t vote for the right candidate, bad things like these SCOTUS rulings can happen. At the root, vote straight Democrat every election.

  4. After a lifetime shooting his big mouth off in the US Capitol you would think joe biden would know the President can’t just “cancel” debt (i.e. buy votes.)

    And while I’m at it, I see that the greatest senator of all time included the term “working people” in his teary-eyed tweet. That’s rich, since the GSOAT has never worked a single day in his life.

    This is what it sounds like… when leftists cry~


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